Joseph Conlon admitted as University Assessor

Yesterday, Professor Joseph Conlon was admitted to the role of Assessor for the University of Oxford. 

Members of New College processed to the Sheldonian for the admission ceremony, before returning to College for a celebratory drinks reception and lunch. 

Professor Conlon was kind enough to write a little about the role for us: 

'Along with the Proctors, the Assessor is a position that rotates among the colleges and this year it is New College's term. In these roles, an academic goes to the heart of the university for one year and then returns invigorated to re-dedicate themselves to the causes of education and research. While, at least in relation to students, the Proctors play a role of Bad Cop and are responsible for disciplinary matters, the Assessor's role is a more congenial one of being Good Cop, with a closer involvement in committees responsible for student flourishing, such as Clubs, Sports and Hardship. 

I was willing to stand for the role on the grounds that if, as I do, one believes in the principle of academic self-governance, one should also believe in the practice. I am sure the coming year will be interesting and I will learn lots about parts of the university that I did not know even exists.'

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