Between 19 April – 27 August, the Cloisters of New College will play host to Lightshadow, a new sculpture exhibition by Johannes von Stumm. Visitors can access the Cloisters from 10am – 5pm, every day (last entry 4.30pm) for the exhibition which is in collaboration with Oxford Festival of the Arts.


In forty years of combining metal with glass and stone, Johannes von Stumm has fused the light and the dark, the solid and the liquid, the opaque and the transparent, our strength and our fragility into incantations of a delicate balance. His 'Immaterial Figures' are filled with light and darkness once again – the emptiness of the human form allowing it to be permeated by the whole universe around it. Emptiness becomes Fullness.

Johannes von Stumm served as President of the Royal Society of Sculptors, the Oxford Art Society and the Open Studio Scheme West Berkshire and North-Hampshire. He is a founding member of Sculpture Network (Europe).

It is the spiritual energy of a piece of art which counts, and nothing else.

 - Johannes von Stumm

There was nowhere else this would work in quite the same way. The light through the cloisters, the colour of the stone, the spirituality and spatiality of the place – all working harmoniously with the glass, the granite, the limestone, the steel… the then and the now.

- Michelle Castelletti, Director of the Oxford Festival of the Arts and New College Old Member

A sculpture by Johannes von Stumm set against the night sky. The sculpture is an image of a seated man.

New College Cloisters

The Cloisters are a special haven of peace, and abut the western wall of the Chapel. They were part of the original College design and have remained an important part of College ever since, still retaining their reflective purpose.

They regularly host events and are particularly famous for a holm oak which featured in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, where Draco Malfoy is turned into a white ferret. 

New College Cloisters