Gaude for Matriculation Years (1976-1979), Saturday 16 March 2024

The New College Gaude for matriculation years 1976-1979 will take place on Saturday 16 March 2024.


Saturday 16 March 2024

3.30-5.00pm        Afternoon Tea in the Cloisters

5.30pm                Evensong in Chapel

6.15pm                Pre-dinner drinks on the grass in the Front Quad (if dry) or in The Founder’s Library (if wet)

7.00pm                Dinner in Hall (Black Tie)

Sunday 17 March 2024
9.00-10.00am      Breakfast in Hall

List of those in attendance:
The following have given permission for their name to be displayed below. This was a tick box opt in on the original booking form. If you have booked in and cannot see your name, please get in touch on and we'll get it added.

Ian Alexander
Nick Allott 
Tom Barron
Nicholas Berwin
Willy Boulter
Simon Butt
Paul Cahill
Mark Cawley
Francis Cole 
Richard Cordy
Simon Cox
Michael Crick
David Dadswell
Stephen Eyre
Roger Ferris
William Filmer-Sankey
Paul Fitter
Stephen Foster
Geoffrey Furlonger
Peter Freedman
Nick Granville
Nick Hale
Mark Hill-Reid
Bruce James
Peter Jago
Andy Keith
Clive Lane
Chris Latter 
Jim Lawley
Howard Mather
John Medland
Iain Nisbet
Paul O'Kelly
Edward Perks
Nick Rayne
Mark Slaney
Patrick Symington
Richard Todd
James Townsend
David Vickers
Jonathan Vickery
Alan Walker
David Wastell
Jeremy Wayne

Rob Brett
Paul Campbell
Jay Cassel
Martin Corteel
David Coy
Dominic Dowley
David Fletcher
Chris Foot
David Fulbrook
Andrew Gammon
Chris Gardner
Miko Giedroyc
Christopher Hearn
Jonathan Hewes
Mark Hill-Reid
Robert Jay
Leaf Kalfayan
Richard Kemp
Derek Knight
Roger Lambert
Chris Lethbridge
James Mackintosh
Keith Malcouronne
Rom Micklem
Ian Miles 
Bob Mitchell
Ian Newington
Jonathan Owrid
Patrick Palmer
Kovan Pillai
Richard Sheahan
Nicholas Schoon
Matthew Stainer
David Soward
Brian Thorn
Nick Townsend
Stuart Veale
Nick Wallis
Jeremy Welch
Mark Woolhouse

Iain Beath
William Bourne
Tim Burford
Mark Burgess
Suma Chakrabarti
Ian Carr
Stephen Collinson
John Hawkins 
Jon Chapman
Mark Fisher 
Nigel Flynn
Julian Gibson
Paul Harris
Tim Kelleher
Lawrence King
Peter Mather
Gordon McCallum
Richard McGookin
Roger Nankervis
Howard Nutton
Andrew Pelling
Andrew Pomiankowski
Jonathan Pond 
Neal Ransome 
Robert Sale
Michael Smart
Graham Smith
David Tew
Tim Vaughan
David Wighton
Stephen Wigley
David Williams
Jan Willisch

Mark Ager
Jane Anderson
Bill Arah
Charlie Bagnall
Angela Berkeley-Owen
Lynn Binstock
Mark Bloomfield
John Cavanagh
Ann Chippindale
David Cleary
Peter Collins
William Cullum
Roger Cursley
Martin Dykhoff|
Melanie Eddis
John Frankel
Nick Gregory 
Paul Happé
Stephen Harbron
Michael Hopkins
Niraja Jayal (née Gopal)
Frankly Johnson
Terry Jones
Ruth Karras
Caroline Kay
Hugh Klein
Guy Lewin Smith
Ian Lucas
Susanna Martelli
Stephen Matthews 
Roland Millar 
Nick Morgan
Nick Neale
Andrew Pinkess
William Pitt
Leo Puri
Paul Ralph
Ruth Reakes
Julian Redmayne
Jim Reeve
William Richardson
Justin Sayer
Richard Shannon
Bruce Thompson
Benedict Weaver
Julia Woodham-Smith


March 2024
15:30 - 23:59
New College
Eligible audience
Old Members that matriculated 1976-1979