Michaelmas Term starts on Sunday 10 October and ends on Saturday 4 December 2021. We expect new undergraduate students to arrive in Oxford by 15.30 on Monday 4 October 2021. For graduates, the actual start date of courses may vary from subject to subject, so please check with your department.

Term dates for the remainder of the year are as follows:

Hilary Term: Sunday 16 January to Saturday 12 March 2022
Trinity Term: Sunday 24 April to Saturday 18 June 2022

Oxford University terms are 8 weeks long. Dates are usually referred to by day and week number, for example:

  • Many classes and lectures start on ‘Monday of 1st Week',
  • You might see a play on ‘Thursday of 7th’ or see the rowing on ‘Saturday of 5th’,
  • Freshers' Week is the week before term starts, so you'll arrive on 'Monday of 0th Week' - 5 October.

Each numbered week runs from Sunday to Saturday (so ‘Sunday of 2nd’  is the day after ‘Saturday of 1st’). The week before 1st Week, is called '0th Week', pronounced 'nought week'. You’ll get used to the system very quickly... probably before the end of 1st Week, in fact!