Barbara Rossi

Barbara Rossi

Tutor in Engineering; Associate Professor in Engineering Science
Engineering Science
BEng, MSc, MAS, Phd ULiège, Associate Professor KU Leuven

I was born in Liège on February 23, 1980. I joined New College in March 2019 as a Tutor in Engineering Science (Civil Engineering). Prior to being appointed as a tenure-track associate professor at the University of Oxford, I was an associate professor at KU Leuven in Belgium, where I led a research group exploring the structural behaviours of metallic structures, with a special interest in stainless steel. Over the last ten years, I also branched into the research area of life-cycle analysis and sustainability applied to steel construction, a research topic that I really enjoy. 


I will contribute to the lecture courses and practical classes in Civil Engineering in the Department of Engineering Science. 

Research Interests

The research topics that I pursued up to now concern the behaviour of steel and stainless steel structures under different kinds of loads or environments. For example, during the past year, my team developed new design guidance for the lateral-torsional buckling of duplex beams. It was an exciting research project during which we designed a completely new test set-up and tested large welded beams up to failure. Today, we are studying the behaviour of hybrid carbon-to-stainless steel welded joints under fatigue. This kind of material combination is occasionally used in bridges where some parts of the structure are exposed to corrosive environments and, there, stainless steel appears to be a suitable alternative to carbon steel equivalents. 

One of the research topics I also really enjoy concerns the life-cycle assessment of steel structures. A new project, currently ongoing, deals with the evaluation of the corrosion rate of duplex welded connections submitted to highly corrosive environment. The particular applications are nuclear waste storage (geological disposal) units. So, maintaining an acceptable level of reliability over the whole life-cycle, considering the possible material deterioration, is here of paramount interest! 

Selected Publications

  • Life-cycle assessment of residential buildings in three different European locations
  • Strength enhancements in cold-formed structural sections
  • Behaviour of structural stainless steel cross-sections under combined loading
  • Combined distortional and overall flexural-torsional buckling of cold-formed stainless steel sections
  • Experimental and numerical studies of terrific stainless steel tubular cross sections under combined compression and bending
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