Accessibility compliance 

Date Set Status of Tasks
Website review September 2019 Complete

Commissioned web site developers to review 3 main page layouts of New College website

September 2019 Complete
Review website text Summer  In Progress
Communications Staff training Michaelmas Term 2019 Complete
Address website review using web developers report Hilary Term 2020 
(January - April)
Partial completion
Ensure page titles are visible on banner images Hilary Term 2020
Conduct internal review of all College web pages content Summer 2020 In Progress
Ensure links contain context (remove 'click here') Summer 2020 In Progress
Link checker  - site assessment July 2020 In Progress
Staff refresher training September 2020  
PDF and document compliancy Summer 2020 Ongoing


Road Map

You can also download our full road map which includes descriptive changes to code, design, layout and structure.