Religion has always played a significant part in Oxford’s life. If you wish to get involved in some aspect of what goes on around the city and University, whether as a practising believer or simply as an interested party, here are some places to look.

As well as the Chapel, the College has installed a Muslim Prayer Room. 


The College Chaplain (01865 279541) will be able to provide information about the various Churches and Christian organizations in Oxford. There are also Oxford University Intercollegiate Christian Union and Catholic Society representatives in College. 


You can contact the Oxford Synagogue and Jewish Centre, 21 Richmond Road, Oxford OX1 2JL (01865 553042), email


The College installed a Muslim Prayer Room in 2019 for use by students and staff. Those seeking to use the Room should go to the Porters' Lodge for the key. 

You can contact either the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, George Street, Oxford OX1 2AR (01865 278730) or the Oxford Mosque Society, 10–11 Bath Street, Oxford OX4 1AY (01865 245547).


You can contact the Longchen Foundation, 30 Beechey Avenue, Marston, Oxford OX3 OJU (01865 725569), email

This list is by no means exhaustive. You can find out more about many other religious societies at Freshers’ Fair on Friday morning of Freshers’ Week. The University of Oxford's website includes links to student religious societies in Oxford.