Students in mortarboards and gowns in the Front Quad

Prize-Winning Finalists

Somehow, we are nearing the end of what has been a very strange and often trying 2020. However, as we look back on this year, there have certainly been things to celebrate. 

A number of our 2020 finalists won prizes for their excellent academic performances and we would like to congratulate all of them! 


Prize-Winning Finalists 2020

James Alden - BA Medical Sciences

Wronker Prize for Medicine - For excellent performance in the Honour School of Medical Sciences

Christopher Davies - BA Literae Humaniores

2nd De Paravicini Prize - For the best performance ba Course IIA/IIB student in Honour Moderations in Classics

Maximilian Kadarauch - MChem Chemistry

Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology Part II Thesis Prize - For excellent performance in the examination of a Part II thesis and viva voce

Darrion Mohan - History and Politics

Gibbs Book Prize - For excellent performance in the History and Politics Final Honour School

Neil Natarajan - Computer Science and Philosophy

Gibbs Prize (proxime accessit) - For the second-best overall performance in Computer Science and Philosophy Part B Examinations

Madeleine O'Connor - BA Biological Sciences

Southern Field Studies Book Prize - For demonstrating the greatest aptitude for Zoological field studies in the Final Honour School of Biological Sciences

Jan Preiss - BA Literae Humaniores

Harold Lister Sunderland Prize - For excellent performance in the Greek Papers in Honour Moderations in Classics

Richard Roth - BPhil Philosophy

For outstanding achievement in the BPhil Examination

Arun Somanathan - BA Medical Sciences

Nominated for the British Pharmacological Society Prize - For the most outstanding performance in pharmacology (project and options)

Arthur Wotton - BA Modern Languages

For the best performance in Spanish Final Honour School


Congratulations once again to all!