New College launches 'Testimony', a publication which celebrates the College’s rich diversity

Front cover of Testimony

On 3 February 2024, New College launched Testimony, an anthology of the lives and works of New College members from ethnic and religious minorities.

Testimony featured profiles of scientists, actors, politicians, journalists, activists and authors.  The diverse professional lives of the contributors means that Testimony’s content is varied in its perspective, yet the common thread that weaves the narrative together is New College itself.

The publication has been conceived and edited by New College’s JCR (the undergraduate student body).  In Testimony’s introduction, the editors state that Testimony “explores themes of alienation and acceptance, the thrill of success and the pain of failure”.


The Warden of New College, Miles Young, said:

"Some of the contributors have become famous; some have not.  Some will become famous; some will not.  Some loved their experience here; some loathed it. But all were, or are, touched by New College, and that touch could be creative or generous or extraordinary or challenging or disconcerting. 

Of course, as we are reminded by some of the testimonies, Oxford still has much to do.  We are not perfect, but at least I think we know that now, and sometimes in the past we did not.” 

Testimony was launched at the New College Diversity Dinner: Celebrating Faiths and Ethnic Minorities on Saturday 3 February.  The guest speaker was former JCR President, Lewis Iwu, a contributor to Testimony and co-founder of the social policy strategy consultancy, Purpose Union.