Black History Month student event

Mufaro Mutsatsa, the JCR Faith & Ethnic Minorities Officer, hosted a special social event in the Long Room on Friday to celebrate Black History Month. 

Mufaro described the event for us: 

“I am incredibly thankful to all who came to the New College Black History month gathering and buffet, which I hosted on Friday. Aside from the amazing food we ate together, this event was so special because it allowed us to get in contact with some really friendly and interesting people. Some of our guests were familiar faces from around our college, some of them were visitors from other colleges. Some were older students and others freshers. Our cultural backgrounds spanned from Kenya to the Caribbean. Having such a great diversity of people in one room created the perfect atmosphere to engage with so many different perspectives, whilst making new friends.

I also want to give thanks to the restaurant that provided food for us, Heat Oxford, and a special thanks to its owner, Mohammed. He was extremely helpful with planning the buffet and making sure that there would be enough, despite my restricted JCR budget.  Finally, I would like to thank all the people who helped put the event together, including the college staff, the JCR executive team who were planning and organising with me along the way, and a few of my friends who helped to set everything up.”

Student gather in the Long Room for the Black History Month event