Formal announcement re the Harlech Scholarship and ongoing memorial to Lord Harlech

The first Harlech Scholar left New College for Harvard in 1987. Since then, 34 Harlech Scholarships have been awarded, enabling recent graduates of New College and Harvard to benefit from the rich educational and cultural heritage of a different location. 

In the light of substantial tuition and support costs, the trustees have agreed that 2018-19 should be the final year in which a Harlech Scholarship is awarded. They propose to reformulate the nature of the memorial to Lord Harlech. 

It is hoped that an annual Harlech Lecture will be established. Under the broad theme of Diplomacy, this is envisaged as a fine ongoing tribute, continuing to reflect the breadth of Lord Harlech's personal and professional interests in the soft, as well as the hard, currencies of cultural and political exchange. 

The trustees would welcome expressions of interest and potential support in the establishing of such a lecture. Please contact Annie Thomas in the first instance at or +44 207 222 1151