20th Annual Oxford Dance Symposium

New College, Oxford

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The Timetable at a glance

Tuesday 17th  
10:00 Registration, Coffee, Conduit Room
  I: Theories - McGregor-Matthews Library, Chair:    Michael Burden

Arianna Fabbricatore, Nantes University (ANR CIRESFI) - Paris-Sorbonne University

‘When Bodies Tell a Story: A Theoretical Study on Dance Dramaturgy’


Keiko Kawano, Osaka University

‘Ménestrier’s Theory of the Dance as Drama: Origin of the Ballet d’Action’


Dominique Bourassa, Yale University

‘Terpsichore in the Spotlight of the Lumières: Dance in the Classification of Knowledge During the Age of Reason’

  II: Keynote Paper, Chair: Jennifer Thorp

Edith Lalonger, Paris

‘Flowers and Weapons: Ballets Figurés in the Operas of Jean-Philippe Rameau’

13:00 Lunch, The Hall
  III: Telling stories - McGregor Matthews Library, Chair: Iris Julia Bührle

Catherine Dulin, University of Roehampton

‘Lustspiele, German Comedies in Vienna: A Path to the Early Waltz’


Hanna Walsdorf, University of Leipzig

‘Moving Orfeo, 1607–1762: Or, How to Do Things with Dance’


Olive Baldwin, Thelma Wilson, Essex

‘Dancing the Hornpipe in The Beggar’s Opera‘ 


Alexandra Grundler, University of California, Santa Cruz

‘The Sylph and The Wilis: Romantic Ballet as Mythic Drama’

16:00 Tea, Conduit Room
  IV: Ballet d'Action - Lecture Room 6, Chair: Michael Burden

Keith Cavers, Independent Scholar

‘All the World’s A Stage: Pursuing Iconography of the Ballet D’Action by Any Other Means’


Petra Dotlacilova, Stockholm University

‘Drama at the First Sight: Characterisation of the Role via Costume in Noverre’s Ballets’

  V: Realisations, Lecture Room 6, Chair: Jennifer Thorp

Rachel Brown, Royal College of Music, & Mary Collins, Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Music

‘From Page to Stage and Nuance in 18th-Century Dance’


Ricardo Barros, Royal Academy of Music

‘Apollon: Disheartened Hero or Afflicted God?’

19:00 Reception, Founder's Library
19:30 Dinner, Founder's Library
Wednesday 18th  
  VI: Dancing in England, McGregor Matthews Library, Chair: Joanna Jarvis

 Iris Julia Bührle, New College, University of Oxford

‘Dancing in Early Modern Drama’


Charlotte Ewart, Associate Artist for Historic Royal Palaces

‘Re-capturing the Dance and Drama of the English Court Masque’

  VII: Dance in Drama - McGregor Matthews Library, Chair: Joanna Jarvis

Uta Dorothea Sauer, Technische Universität Dresden

‘Dance and Poetry in the Works of Maria Aurora von Königsmarck’


Amanda Danielle Moehlenpah, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

‘A Dance Within a Dance: The Presence of the Contredanse within Staged Productions in 18th -Century France’

11:00 Coffee, Conduit Room
  VIII: Pantomime, Acrobats & Grotesquery, McGregor Matthews Library, Chair: Hanna Walsdorf

Béatrice Pfister, Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3

‘From Theatre Plays to Pantomime Ballets: Poetics of Adaptation in the Second Half of the 18th Century’


Domenico Pietropaolo, University of Toronto

‘Violence and Buffoonery in Grotesque Dance’


Gerrit Berenike Heiter, University of Vienna; University of Leipzig

‘Il Gimnasta (1751-1756): Acrobatic Performances in Connection with Other Theatrical Performances’

13:00 Lunch, South Undercroft
  IX: Dance at Court, McGregor Matthews Library, Chair: Uta Dorothea Sauer

Carola Finkel, Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts

‘A Recently Discovered Ballet for the Court of Wolfenbüttel’


Kathrin Stocker, Institut für Theaterwissenschaft der Universität Leipzig

‘Paris Revisited: Two Ballets from the Württemberg Court and the Image of the Prince’


Jennifer Thorp, New College, Oxford

‘Offstage Drama on Stage, 1685: James II, the Duke of Monmouth and Albion and Albanius’

15:30 Tea, South Undercroft
  X: Drama off the Stage, McGregor Matthews Library, Chair: Mary Collins

Joanna Jarvis, Birmingham City University

‘Upstaged by the Drama in the Audience’


Michael Burden, New College, Oxford

‘The Riot at the Ballet, 1813’