19th Annual Oxford Dance Symposium

New College, Oxford

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The Timetable at a glance

Tuesday 18th  
10:30 Registration, Coffee, Conduit Room
  I: Mapping the Civic Environment - McGregor-Matthews Library Chair: Michael Burden

Uta Dorothea Sauer, Technische Universität Dresden

‘Dance in German Cities and its Influence on the Civil Development’


Jelena Rothermel, Department of Theatre Studies, University of Leipzig

‘Arlecchino crossing the Channel: Danced Interrelations between the Fairground Players of Paris and London‘

  II: The City Meets the Stage - McGregor-Matthews Library Chair: Anne Daye

Richard Semmens, University of Western Ontario

‘Prison culture, an urban folk-hero, and a failed pantomime: Harlequin Sheppard (Drury Lane, 1724)’


Iris Julia Bührle, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, New College, University of Oxford

‘Shakespeare ballets from Noverre to Taglioni’

13:00 Lunch, The Hall
  III: The Mechanics - McGregor-Matthews Library Chair: Jennifer Thorp

Carol G. Marsh, Washington, DC

‘The Theatrical Origins of Gennaro Magri’s Contraddanze’


Erin Whitcroft, University of Exeter

‘A natural and cultivated gracefulness’: how to move in the Eighteenth Century’


Olive Baldwin, Thelma Wilson, Essex

‘Few and far between: female dancing teachers in eighteenth century British cities’


Joanna Jarvis, Birmingham City University

‘Costume and the availability cascade. Female costume for dance on the London stage in the early eighteenth-century’

16:00 Tea, Conduit Room
  IV: Cities McGregor-Matthews Library Chair: Carol G. Marsh

30 Joseph Fort, King’s College, London

‘The Public Balls in Late-Eighteenth-Century Vienna’


Fabienne Lagrange, Bordeaux Montaigne University CANCELLED

‘Ballroom dancing at the heart of the City of Bordeaux, during the long eighteenth century’


Samantha Sing Key, Independent Scholar (formerly University of Sydney, Australia)

‘“A delightful winter residence”: the civilising role of the ballroom in early Washington, D.C.’

  V: Practical session – Lecture Room 6
18:00 Anne Daye – Cotillions
19:00 Reception, Founder's Library
19:30 Dinner, Founder's Library
Wednesday 19th  
  VI: City Spaces and Venues - McGregor-Matthews Library Chair: Iris Julia Bührle

Theresa Buckland, University of Roehampton, London

‘Dance, Space and the City in Nineteenth-Century Britain’


Mary Collins, Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Music

‘“I never saw a more beautiful scene… attended by great crowding and confusion”’


Anne Daye, TrinityLaban, London, and The Historical Dance Society

‘A Masque in the City, the City in a Masque: The Triumph of Peace, 1634’


Caitlyn Lehmann, University of Melbourne

‘From Saddle to Stage: Ballet at Astley’s Amphitheatre, 1780-1800’

11:00 Coffee - Conduit Room
  VII: Genres - McGregor-Matthews Library Chair: Theresa Buckland

Cornelis Vanistendael, Leuven, Belgium

‘New quadrilles for the Société Philharmonique d’Anvers 1813 – 1818’


Hanna Walsdorf, University of Leipzig

‘Hosting a Congress, Spreading a Dance Craze: Vienna and the Waltz?’

  VIII: Colonial Dancing – Lecture Room 6

Ricardo Barros, Royal Academy of Music, London

‘From the “Terreiro” to the “Paço” – The extraordinary journey of a dance form in colonial
Rio de Janeiro’ followed by a workshop

13:30 Lunch - South Undercroft
  IX: Representations - McGregor-Matthews Library Chair: Joseph Fort

Sophie Horrocks, English National Opera

‘Stone dancers in the city: the “ballet girl” and the nineteenth century public imagination’


Hillary Burlock, Mansfield College, Oxford

‘“What Dukes, what Drapers, what Barbers, and Peers”: Representations of the Election Ball ‘


Keith Cavers, Independent Scholar

‘Hanquin & Columbinichee; Dancing, Punch, and Muffins at Poplar Grove and the Dancers of the Juvenile Drama’


Michael Burden, New College, Oxford

‘Images of Dancing (in London) with the Didelots’