26th Annual Oxford Dance Symposium

The 26th Annual Oxford Dance Symposium will take place in New College on 16th & 17th April 2024. 

Dance & Institutions

Organised by Michael Burden and Jennifer Thorp.

Keynote Speaker: Hanna Walsdorf (University of Basel)

Banner image credit: New York Public Library

The Call for Papers has now closed.

Dance & Institutions

The Oxford Dance Symposia focus on the technique, practice, and philosophy of dance during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries; we always welcome papers on any aspect of dance during this period. 

Each year, however, we have a light touch theme to which participants are invited to respond if they wish. The theme for 2024 will be 'Dance and Institutions' to include, for example, academies, Jesuit colleges, theatre contracts and professional regulation of dancers. The theme should be interpreted as broadly as possible, but within the date range of the symposium. 

Any queries should be directed to michael.burden@new.ox.ac.uk or jennifer.thorp@new.ox.ac.uk 

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