Symposium Abstracts

Symposium Title: Dance on the English Stage – 1999
Abstract Title Author
The economics of theatrical dance in eighteenth-century England Judith Milhous
Mr Paisible and others: Collaborations between French and English Musicians and dancers in London 1680-1714 Peter Leech
Commanding Presences: dance for benefit performances and court celebrations in London 1700-1750 Jennifer Thorp
From Le Bergeres Fidelle to The Yorkshire Maggot: an A to Z of ent’racte dances on the Londonstage 1700-1750 Moira Goff
Symposium Title: 'So Publick an Approbation': attitudes to dance in 18th Century England – 2000
Abstract Title Author
Staging late-17th century English opera Frans Muller, Julie Muller
Hogarth and the aesthetics of dance Annie Richardson
Observations on dance in the Harris papers Rosemary Dunhill
All the Decent Characters Of Female Life: Female Dancers on the London Stage Moira Goff, David Gordon, Evelyn Nallen, Jennifer Thorp
Symposium Title: Gods, Men and Monsters – 2001
Abstract Title Author
Repressing the mythic and letting it go again: reinterpreting Aristotle in 18th-century France Rowena Harrison
The Materialist Denial Of Monsters Charles T. Wolfe
‘Behold the monster Polypheme’: Handel's incorporation of the monstrous Lawrence Woof
Man-made monsters, men made monstrous: conformity and deformity in Aphra Behn's The Second Part of The Rover Stephanie Hodgson-Wright
Déesse ex machina: Sex changes in Benserade's Iphis et Iante (1634) Joe Harris
Visions of hell: the scène infernale in the tragédies-lyriques of lully Desmond Hosford
Sexually Subversive Singers: Policing Sex at the London Opera, 1724-36 Thomas McGeary
The Monsters of the abbé d'Aubignac Amy Wygant
Cross-Casting in French Court Ballet, 1650-1670: Monstrous Aberration or Theatrical Convention? Julia Prest
From ballet de cour to divertissement: changing conventions in representing gods on the French stage Rose Pruiksma
_Operatic Satires of Louis_XIV as Pluto Georgia Cowart
Dances for Deities in Lully's Persée 1682-1710 Jennifer Thorp, Ken Pierce
Dance and Music in Lambranzi's Theatralische Tantz-Schul Carol G. Marsh
Monstrous performances Airs and Graces, UK
Monsters and grotesque figures on the London stage Frans Muller, Julie Muller
Paradoxes of Sexuality in Dryden's Amphitryon Burkhard Niederhoff
Monsters on the mind: opera stars in 18th-century London Suzanne Aspden
Gods behaving badly and men behaving monstrously in Molière’s classical comedies Elizabeth Woodrough
‘A monster, nay the monster of monsters’: Italian Singing and Italian Singers on the 18th-Century London Stage Xavier Cervantes
Les Nuits enchantées de Sceaux Catherine Cessac
Music and the Scenic Portrayal of Gods, Men, and Monsters in Pierre Corneille's Andromède John S. Powell
Flying phantoms and tumbling faunes: acrobats on the French Baroque musical stage Rebecca Harris-Warrick
'Cette pièce n'est que pour les yeux': Corneille's view of Andromède. Wes Williams
Directorial License and the Staging of French Baroque Opera Antonia L. Banducci
The Flying Lovers Outwitted? London’s Rival Productions Of Perseus And Andromeda Compared Moira Goff
Between the Earth and the Heavens: the Monsters of French Tragédies Lyriques Laura Naudeix
’...pietra per il vostro scarpello’: Metastasio and 18th-century pantomime ballet Bruce Alan Brown
Among gods and monsters : poetry, music and the marvellous in French tragédie lyrique Benoît Bolduc
Symposium Title: Dancing Exploded - 2002
Abstract Title Author
Recurring images: recycling and plagiarism in eighteenth-century dance Jennifer Thorp
‘By default and design’: a glimpse into the Theatre Museum's 18th-century dance collections Sarah Woodcock
‘A noble and distinguishing air’ and port of the person: deportment in dance education England after 1750 Audrée-Isabelle Tardif
Dance and sensualism in eighteenth-century France Edward Nye
Symposium Title: Roi Soleil and Soleil Dieu – 2003
Abstract Title Author
‘A sun throned in the west’; Apollo and King James in the early Stuart masque David Lindley
Divinity or dynasty: forging an image for the Stuart monarchy in masque and portrait Anne Daye
Apollo ex machina in French Drama John Powell
Louis XIV as performer and patron of dance Jennifer Thorp
Choreographic approaches to the role of Apollo in the early 18th century Ken Pierce
Symposium Title: Le Ballet de la Nuit - 2004
Abstract Title Author
Art, power and performance: Cardinal Mazarin and cultural patronage at the court of Louis XIV David Parrott
The passing of the hours - time, structure, rhythm and light in Benserade’s verses for the Ballet de la Nuit Elizabeth Woodrough
The musical context of La Ballet de la Nuit: Apollo ex machina in French Drama Catherine Massip
Sources for the music of Le Ballet de la Nuit Lionel Sawkins
Dances and dancers in the Ballet de la Nuit Jennifer Thorp
Symposium Title: Dance and the Pastoral - 2005
Abstract Title Author
Pastoral and the ballet-pantomime Edward Nye
Some Pastoral Dances: Classifying Subjects, Allocating Passions Linda J. Tomko
Pastoral dances on the French stage in the early 18th century Ken Pierce
The Pastoral Mode as a Natural Element for Dance Benoit Bolduc
Dance and the pastoral in English Opera; Eccles, Purcell, and others Michael Burden
And the peasants came too: pastoral themes in entr'acte dances on the London stage Jennifer Thorp
Symposium Title: Dancers Abroad – 2006
Abstract Title Author
Just the barbarism is native – the ballet dancers in Sweden up to 1800 Magnus Blomkvist
The Italianization of French Dance, 1697-1752 Rebecca Harris-Warrick
La Conversation galante: Anthony L'Abbé’s Dances as Conversation Kimiko Okamoto
Mademoiselle Subligny in London Jennifer Thorp
Symposium Title: French and English Pantomime -2007
Abstract Title Author
Pantomime and dance in the late eighteenth century: evidence from the Ferrère manuscript Carol Marsh
From Le Bergeres Fidelle to The Yorkshire Maggot: an A to Z of ent’racte dances on the Londonstage 1700-1750 Moira Goff,
The English Pantomime Masque Michael Burden
Early eighteenth-century dance notators as recorders of pantomimic gesture Jennifer Thorp
The Chaconnes for Harlequin recorded in Feuillet notation Edith Lalonger
Reworking eighteenth-century pantomime Barbara Segal
Symposium Title: Dancing in Royal Palaces – 2008
Abstract Title Author
Shrovetide dancing: balls and masques at Whitehall under Charles II Sandra Tuppen
Theatre Dancers at the Court of Queen Anne Olive Baldwin, Thelma Wilson
From Leicester House to St James’s Palace: Anthony L’Abbé’s dances to honour the Hanoverian royal family Jennifer Thorp
From Ballroom to Theatre: Venues for Dancing at the French Court (1581-1671) Marie-Claude Canova-Green
‘Not always the same Menuetts’: dance at the Württemberg court, 1662-1711 Samantha Owens
Calisto and the Culture of the Restoration Court Matthew Jenkinson
Symposium Title: Celebrating Jean-Georges Noverre 1727-1810: his world, and beyond – 2010
Abstract Title Author
Musical sources for ballets by Noverre in the Schwarzenberg family archive at Český Krumlov Bruce Alan Brown
The ballets of François-Hippolyte Barthélemon Michael Burden
The aesthetic and political premises of Noverre’s Action ballet
Re-Imagining Jean-Georges Noverre’s ballet, Les Petits Riens Catherine Turocy
Noverre in the history of mime Edward Nye
'Better to be a genuine Pierrot than a false Pyrrhus’: Ange Goudar and the ballets of Jean-Georges Noverre Jennifer Thorp
The ‘job application’ of J. G. Noverre to Gustav III in Sweden Anna Karin Ståhle
Noverre in the history of mime Edward Nye
Noverre and Lettres sur la Danse Marianna F. M. Monteiro
Musical sources for ballets by Noverre inthe Schwarzenberg family archive at Český Krumlov Bruce Alan Brown
Jean-Georges Noverre in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (1795-1810) Alain Borderie
‘Better to be a genuine Pierrot than a false Pyrrhus’ Jennifer Thorp
Noverre in Milan: A Turning Point Kathleen Kuzmick Hansell
The aesthetic and political premises of Noverre’s Action ballet Lito Tsitsou
Noverre in Milan: A Turning Point Kathleen Kuzmick Hansell
The ballets of François-Hippolyte Barthélemon Michael Burden
Symposium Title: Dance and Image – 2009
Abstract Title Author
Lifting the Mask of Mademoiselle Horibilicribrifaxin: Dutch Prints of Dancing Dwarfs Jed Wentz
Framing Turkish Dances Linda J. Tomko
Choreographing Power: Dance in Political Caricature of the Late Eighteenth Century David Taylor
Picturing Dance in Eighteenth-Century England Judith Milhous
Dance images at the King’s Theatre before 1830 Michael Burden
‘Borrowed Grandeur and Affected Grace’: perceptions of the Dancing-Master in Eighteenth-Century England Jennifer Thorp
Symposium Title: Dance and the Novel – 2011
Abstract Title Author
‘The Elusive Minuet in Eighteenth-Century English Novels’ Jennifer Thorp
‘An imposter Princess and a Royal Fool: reconstructing Defoe’s mismatched masquerade’ Jed Wentz
‘Not Dancing in Jane Austen’ Thelma Wilson, Olive Baldwin
‘Dancing in Fanny Burney’s Evelina’ Michael Burden
Symposium Title: Dancing in the theatre of Europe in the long 18th century 2012
Abstract Title Author
Expressing character and action in dance on English stages Anne Daye
Dancers in the theatres of the north east of England in the 18th century Madeleine Inglehearn
Rediscovering sources and remains for 18th-century dance performance by the means of virtual 3D interactive reality Dominique Lauvernier
Opera girls in English discourse, 1750-1789 Caitlyn Lehmann
The reception of foreign dances in Spanish musical theatre during the reign of Philip V: study and documents Pilar Montoya
Grace and virtue: dance and politics in the work of John Locke, Adam Smith and John Weaver Dana Mills
Where did Pierrot go? Deburau's 19th-century innovations Edward Nye
Pier Jacopo Martello on national styles in theatrical dance Domenico Pietropaolo
Henry Gissey’s costume designs for the tragédie-ballet Psyché (1671) John Powell
Ange Goudar – a scoundrel against the ballet pantomime José Sasportes
Entr’acte dancing in concerts and operas during the reign of Queen Anne Olive Baldwin, Thelma Wilson
Guillaume-Louis Pécour and La Feste de Chantilly, 1688 Jennifer Thorp
‘Noverre at the Württemberg court: the first “Stuttgart ballet miracle”’ Iris Julia Bührle
The legacy of ancient pantomime on the 18th-century stage Alessandra Zanobi
”With dances analogous to the drama”; the ballet d’action on London’s opera stage Michael Burden
Dancing for D’Egville: the dancers of the Wharncliffe album Keith Cavers
Dance costumes at the Comédie-Française and the birth of consumerism in 18th-century France Sabine Chaouche
The “great leap” – from earth to heaven Mary Collins, Joanna Jarvis
Symposium Title: Living, dancing, travelling, dying... 2013
Abstract Title Author
‘An honest, plain, unaffected, well-meaning man’ Madeleine Inglehearn
La Guimard – Madonna or Material Girl? A sad tale of Terpsichore Joanna Jarvis
The Story of Johann Baptista Danese – Dancer and Ballet Master of Private Noble Theatres in Bohemia and Moravia Helena Kazárová
Dancing for the King: When French dancers were called to the Court, their daily life according to the Royal Archives Dominique Lauvernier
Marie Sallé (1709?-1756): a biography for the 21st century Sarah McCleave
Being an Italian female dancer in C17 Europe: history, narrative & the construction of posterity in Barbara Campanini’s life Marina Nordera
The dancers of the Opéra-Comique in 1744 and 1745, according to a little known archive: the troupe, salaries, regulations Bertrand Porot
The Mechanistic Dancer in Early Eighteenth-Century Dance Theory Tilden Russell
John Weaver’s last dance with a harlot Richard Semmens
‘The liveliest baggage on the modern stage’: Jane Poitier, French dancer and English singer Olive Baldwin, Thelma Wilson
Début in France: Gallodier’s Years of Apprenticeship Rémy-Michel Trotier
The Fortunes of French Dance in Maria Theresa’s Vienna, 1752-1765 Bruce Alan Brown
Pierre Gardel: the Talleyrand of Ballet Iris Julia Bührle
The bishop, the dancer, and THAT dress Michael Burden
A Diamond Jubilee: James Harvey D’Egville 60 years on and off the Stage Keith Cavers
‘Mr Bridgeman will exhibit several Equilibres…and likewise perform the Ladder Dance…’ Arris’s Gazette Dec 9th 1754 Mary Collins
The English Virtuoso Male Dancer, Fact or Fantasy? Moira Goff
Symposium Title: The dancer in celebrity in the long 18th-century 2014
Abstract Title Author
The celebrated Miss Nancy Dawson and her hornpipe Olive Baldwin, Thelma Wilson
Portraiture and the Birth of Celebrity on the Eighteenth-Century Stage Shearer West
Capturing the hovering sylph: Marie Taglioni Iris Julia Bührle
‘Dance, like morality, is in the eye of the beholder’: Adam Smith on the role of the spectator Raf Geenens
Tumbling images: Carlo Antonio Delpini at work Michael Burden
‘Lovely in her countenance, delicate in her form’: The portraits of Hester Santlow (c.1693-1773) Moira Goff
New Finds: Old Friends - New Pictures; digging up Icons of the Dance Keith Cavers
My agreeable acquaintance… Mary Collins
Some are born great: the Dukes of York as dance celebrities Anne Daye
Jean-Georges Noverre and his luxurious ‘job application’ to Warsaw Petra Dotlačilová
Beauteous Wonder of a Different Kind’: Hester Santlow’s Celebrity Status Marisa Iglesias
Natural beauty or ‘Paint-painted’? Giovanna Baccelli by Thomas Gainsborough - 1782 Joanna Jarvis
Unknown portraits of Salvatore Vigano in Bohemian Collections Helena Kazárová
Airy Delights:Ballet, Balloonmania and Celebrity in Late Eighteenth-Century London Caitlyn Lehmann
A Peep into Mozart and Le Picq’s Serraglio (Milan, 1772): Noverre’s Tragic Reworking of a Comic Ballet Adeline Mueller
Signification and the Dancing Body, 1760-1826 Kristin Flieger Samuelian
The Role of Dance in the Political Ballets at the Court of Dresden Uta Dorothea Sauer
Celebrity patrons: the Montagu family and dance throughout the eighteenth-century Jennifer Thorp
‘Formeront le Bosquet’: Teenage Future Dance Icons on the Jesuit Stage in Paris Hanna Walsdorf
Symposium Title: Dancing for Anniversaries and Occasions: Chamber, Court, Theatre & Assembly 2015
Abstract Title Author
Entertaining the Mother-in-law: Salmacida Spolia 1640 Anne Daye
Dandizettes and the Grecian Bend Anna Mouat
Dancing in the Streets: Ballet de Cour on the Pont Neuf in Seventeenth–Century France John Romey
Thematic context-relevant assimilation in ballets de cour Uta Dorothea Sauer
Celebrating and entertaining a new king and his bride Olive Baldwin, Thelma Wilson Essex
Not a single step of our ordinary dance was employed’: Lionel Sawkins
Dancing in Versailles from the Sun King to the French Revolution Iris Julia Bührle
‘The flowers were at a ball last night’ Ephemerality and Festivity in 19th-Century Flower Ballets Alexander Schwan
Prospecting before us; an anti-occasion for dancers in London’s opera world Michael Burden
Goodman’s Fields Theatre and the wedding of the Princess Royal in 1733-4 Jennifer Thorp
The Vanishing Point 1815 – 2015: Two hundred years of Dancing on Pointe? Keith Cavers
Dancing in the Barracks: Contexts for social dancing on the Eve of Waterloo Cornelius Vanistandael
The ‘Dublin Gaities’ and ‘a tidy family party’: Dancing at Castletown House Mary Collins
How to Dance a Point in Time: Hanna Walsdorf
Ballets, balls and parties in the correspondence of brothers Pietro and Alessandro Verri Petra Dotlačilová
‘La princesse de Darmstadt’ – letter of application« of a dancing master? Dr. Carola Finkel
Romanis and Romanovs; how gypsies danced their way into the Romantic Imagination John Gill
A brilliant appearance of Genteel Company Madeleine Inglehearn
Minuets and Make-believe Joanna Jarvis
Dancing and dying for Napoleon: The Schwarzenberg Ball in Paris Helena Kazárová
Symposium Title: Teaching Dance 2016
Abstract Title Author
‘Cotillons made Plain and Easy in an Accurate and Practicable Manner’ Anne Daye
The Ludus pastoralis, a Jesuit school ballet (1734) Dóra Kiss
What is Walking and How to Do It: Textual Estrangement and Experiential Anatomy in the work of John Weaver Lindsey Drury
Hay Foot and Straw Foot: The Dublin Dancing Masters Mary Collins
The Danced Minuet in 1790s Vienna Joseph Fort
Lithographed Portraits in the Dance Collections of the Houghton Library John Gill
Re-thinking “teaching dance” The dancing masters and “dances in characters” Marie Glon
Gentleman or Tradesman, the position of the Dancing Master at the royal courts of Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries Madeleine Inglehearn
The Manners-making Crew Joanna Jarvis
Dance pedagogy in Letters (1760) by J.-G. Noverre: The originality of the body of the dancer Keiko Kawano
The Ludus pastoralis, a Jesuit school ballet (1734) Dóra Kiss
The art of being ‘natural’ in Francis Peacock’s Sketches (1805) Sergey Alferov
Teaching dance in the South West of France, 1600-1830 Fabienne Lagrange
Few and far between: female dancing teachers in eighteenth-century Britain Olive Baldwin, Thelma Wilson
Horsing around with dance at Astley’s Amphitheatre Caitlyn Lehmann
Quarrelling Brothers: The establishment of the Académie Royale de Danse and changes in dance teaching Ricardo Barros, Nicolette Moonen
An Unedited Source for Spanish Baroque Dance: The Nicolas Rodrigo Noveli Manuscript (Madrid, 1708) Pilar Montoya
Teaching the people to dance in Victorian England Theresa Buckland
Taking Stock of the Tourne Hanche: Training or Torture? Anna Mouat
Teaching dance to would-be nobles, gods and shrews: dance lessons in ballets Iris Julia Bührle
‘Here No Rank is to be Observed’: The Role(s) of Dancing Masters and Dancing Nobility in German Courtly Ballets, 1650–1700 Samantha Owens
What she did during the interval: The dancer Mercandotti and a ‘young man of large fortune’ Michael Burden
John Weaver’s Biological Mechanics of Grotesque Dance Domenico Pietropaolo
All Kit and Tight Trousers The Image of the Dancing Master in Art and Caricature Keith Cavers
Network of Dancing Masters in German Speaking Area (1600-1750) Uta Dorothea Sauer
Mary Collins Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Music Mary Collins