Scholarships for students starting a new graduate course at New College

New College offers a relatively large number of generous college awards for graduate study ranging from £1,000 to £25,000 per annum. The College is now associated with four Clarendon Fund awards of £6,500 a year towards a graduate student's maintenance costs. For details, please see below.

Who is eligible to apply for a graduate award at New College?

Ordinarily, New College must be specified as the first choice college. Only candidates applying for research degrees or a Masters leading to a research degree are eligible for consideration. Only applications for the start of a course will be eligible; no mid-course movement will be considered. For further details, please see the awards summary. 

How to apply for a graduate award at New College

The closing date for consideration will be the University January application deadline. For information on how to apply for Clarendon and Aso awards, please see below. To apply for 1379 Society Old Members Scholarships, prospective applicants must apply to the University of Oxfordselecting New College as their first choice college in their University application. All applicants with an offer of a graduate place at New College will be considered automatically for the scholarships available. There is no need to submit a separate application on top of the Oxford University Application Form.

Scholarships for entry in 2015

College Award





Clarendon Fund Awards

Duration of maximum fee liability

Research degree scholarships for Home/EU and overseas students; details of application procedures available on the Clarendon website.

£6,500 per annum


Aso Group Scholarship

One year or two years

Students with Japanese as a first language; preference for students from Fukuoka Prefecture. Research degrees in any subject (possibly with initial support for a Masters degree). Download more information. Download application form.

£25,000 per annum


Yeotown Scholarship

Duration of maximum fee liability

Home/EU applicants for a research degree in Biochemistry or Plant Sciences. The Yeotown Scholarship covers living costs and will be offered in conjunction with a departmental scholarship covering University and College fees.

c. £13,590 per annum


Roche Scholarship

Duration of maximum fee liability

All applicants for a postgraduate Law degree.

£10,000 per annum


Other sources of funding

The University of Oxford has a generous system of scholarships, details of which can be found on the University website. Some information about loans and external sources of funding is also available on the University website.

General support for current New College graduate students

New College offers all of its graduates various types of financial assistance:

  • A travel grant/research fund to which graduates can apply: £300 p.a. (and can accrue), for graduate students on research Masters and PRS/DPhil up to the end of maximum fee liability. This is primarily for necessary travel (e.g. conference attendance/archival visits), but some purchases (e.g. essential software) will be considered on their merits.
  • £160 for students on a taught Masters if they are presenting a paper at a conference; taught Masters comprise MSt, MSc by coursework, MBA, PGCE, LLM, BCL, MJur.
  • Medics on Electives can apply for special travel grants: £550 p.a. for placement outside the U.K.

Forms for the above can be downloaded and must be co-signed by your academic supervisor and then sent to the Academic Office, where they will be processed by the Tutor for Graduates. Forms should be accompanied by receipts where appropriate.

OPAL language courses:

Graduates entitled to a research allowance may charge up to half their OPAL course fee to that allowance, on the understanding that the other half of the fee should be sought from their faculty. Graduates not entitled to a research allowance may apply to the college for half of the fee, but they must be able to make a good case for the language being directly relevant to their work.

  • The Tutor for Graduates has a small discretionary fund to cover exceptional costs. Please apply directly to him.
  • Historians may apply to the history tutors, David Parrott and Ruth Harris, for discretionary sums from the Reynolds Fund.