Some Pastoral Dances: Classifying Subjects, Allocating Passions

This paper explores several "pastoral" dances from musical theatre productions in early 18th-century France, considering ways in which they act to class(ify) the personages depicted and also assign certain of the passions to particular social groups. Choreographies to be discussed will include dances by Louis Pécour from Ulisse and Callirhoé , and they will afford comparison with the Englishman Mr. Isaac's dance The Pastorall . The dances are recorded in the period Beauchamp-Feuillet notation and thus also enable scrutiny of the compositional strategies that signal "things pastoral." Demonstration of excerpts and dances will comprise part of the paper.

Linda J. Tomko
Symposium Title: 
Dance and the Pastoral - 2005
Author affiliation: 
University of California, Riverside