Paul Miller

Todd-Bird Non-Stipendiary Junior Research Fellow (Clinical Medicine)
BSc Durham, MB BChir Camb, MRCP

Having completed a Cell Biology BSc at Durham University, Paul undertook his medical training on the Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine, graduating in 2008. He did an Academic Foundation Programme in Manchester, with research based at the Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre. A subsequent Oxford Academic Clinical Fellowship in Medicine led to his current CRUK Oxford Centre Clinical Research Training Fellowship based at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research.


Paul teaches New College fourth and sixth year medical students, primarily with bedside teaching. Since 2013 Paul has taught clinical medicine to Palestinian medical students online with OxPal Medlink.

Research Interests

I am interested in how inflammation can increase our risk of cancer and potentially accelerate  tumour progression. This requires loss of normal tumour suppressor function that can modulate the diverse cellular processes that occur in response to acute and chronic damage. My work focuses on the balance between NFFurthermore, I am interested in how imaging can inform clinical decisions on how and when to treat patients.

Selected Publications

Lu M, Miller P and Lu X.Restoring the tumour suppressive function of p53 as a parallel strategy in melanoma therapy. FEBS Letters 2014; 588:2616-21.

Miller P, Coope D, Thompson G, Jackson A & Herholz K. Quantitative evaluation of white matter tract DTI parameter changes in gliomas using nonlinear registration. Neuroimage 2012; 60:2309-15.

Miller P, Johal K, Shelly M & Baker P. Career support. BMJ Careers; Aug 2010.

Robert SC, Gosling LM, Spector TD, Miller P, Penn D & Petrie M. Body odour similarity of non-cohabiting twins. Chemical Senses 2005; 30:651-656.