College rooms for second, third and fourth year undergraduates are allocated by means of a ballot. The ballot process starts in Michaelmas Term each year. All students are eligible to enter the ballot.

The JCR Housing Ballot is run by the JCR Housing Rep, under the supervision of the Accommodation Manager.

The Ballot Procedure *

  1. The JCR Housing Officer sends out information by email to all members of the JCR about the ballot and the procedure for choosing a room.
  2. The Home Bursar (HB) sends out information by email to the JCR on what they should do if they wish to be included in or excluded from the ballot.
  3. The ballot is drawn.
  4. The JCR Housing Officer finalises the resulting list and publicises the list.
  5. Mini-ballots for the double sets and some of the Longwall Houses are also drawn (11 and 12 Longwall,  and the top flat of 8 Longwall).
  6. The rooms available for second and third UGs for the forthcoming year are publicised. There is a separate list for fourth years.
  7. The JCR Housing Officer manages the room choosing process and provides the HB with a final list.
  8. Unsuccessful UGs are put on the waiting list.
  9. The HB contacts students on the waiting list over the Summer as rooms become available (this is usually after the allocation of fresher UG rooms). While no guarantees can be given, it is worth noting that in the last few years all UGs who have wanted accommodation have secured a room by mid-September, but see below information concerning the 2015-16 academic year*.

*The terms of the ballot may be amended to reflect changes in the undergraduate student population and the College's policy on the distribution of rooms across years. Owing to the proposed commencement of a major building project near Savile House in the academic year 2015-16 it is possible that there will be a shortfall of fourth year rooms. Rooms for third years are always in short supply under the current system of distribution.