Beau Mount

Beau Madison Mount

Weston Junior Research Fellow in Philosophy
Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)
BA Duke University, MA Princeton University, DEA Paris-IV, BPhil DPhil Oxon.

Dr Mount has held the Weston Junior Research Fellowship since Michaelmas 2017. He had previously been a postgraduate student at Magdalen College, Oxford; a stipendiary lecturer at St Catherine's College, Oxford; and a researcher at the Oxford Laboratory for the Philosophy and Psychology of Rationality and Decision. Before becoming a philosopher, he studied English, French, and German literature.


Dr Mount is available to give tutorials for papers in philosophy of mathematics and philosophical and mathematical logic, as well as papers on Frege, Knowledge and Reality, and various other topics.

Research Interests

Dr Mount's work covers various issues in philosophy of mathematics, philosophical logic, metaphysics, and formal epistemology. His recently completed DPhil thesis, The Kinds of Mathematical Objects, defends anti-reductionism: the thesis that not all mathematical objects are sets. His current work includes a paper on reflection principles, large cardinals, and their relationship to Georg Kreisel's arguments for the bivalence of certain classes of sentences of set theory; a long-term project on modal and epistemic predicates; and collaborative papers on disentangled theories of truth (with Daniel Waxman), on intuitionistic modal logic with an actuality operator (with Jack Woods), and on the epistemology of absolutely unrestricted quantification (with Rachel Fraser).

Selected Publications:

  • `Ordinals and Versions of Indefinite Extensibility (Abstract)'. Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 23 (2017): 206–7.
  • `We Turing Machines Can't Even Be Locally Ideal Bayesians'. Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 5: (2016): 285–90.
  • `Higher-Order Abstraction Principles'. Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 4 (2015): 228–36.
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