Michaela Collord

Stipendiary Lecturer in Politics
History and Politics
Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)
BA MPhil Cambridge

Michaela completed her undergraduate degree in Politics and an MPhil in African Studies at the University of Cambridge. She then moved to Oxford for a DPhil in Politics, beginning in 2013. She started working as a Stipendiary Lecturer in Politics at New College, Oxford, in 2017.


Michaela currently gives tutorials in three politics papers on the PPE and Modern History and Politics undergraduate degrees. These include the Practice of Politics, Comparative Government, and the Politics in sub-Saharan Africa.


Michaela’s research interests include the political economy of authoritarian rule, democratization and the history and politics of sub-Saharan Africa. Her doctoral thesis examines variation in authoritarian party cohesion and legislative institutional strengthening. She shows how contrasting institutional outcomes result from differences in the distribution of power across economic elites, which are themselves the product of different state-led development strategies. She has conducted fieldwork in Uganda, Tanzania and Benin.


  • ‘The Legislature: Institutional strengthening in dominant-party states.’ Book chapter forthcoming in Politics in Africa: The Importance of Institutions, ed. Nic Cheeseman, Cambridge University Press.
  • ‘From the electoral battleground to the parliamentary arena: Understanding intra-elite bargaining within Uganda’s National Resistance Movement.’ Journal of Eastern African Studies, 10:4 (2016): 639-659.
  • Book review. Elections in a Hybrid Regime: Revisiting the 2011 Ugandan Polls, ed Sandrine Perrot, Sabiti Makara, Jerome Lafargue, Marie-Aude Fouere. Politique Africaine, 141:1 (2016): 199-201.


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