Prof Chris Timmel Wins Royal Society of Chemistry Prize

Congratulations to Professor Chris Timmel, who was awarded the 2020 Tilden Prize by the Royal Society of Chemistry ‘for seminal contributions to the fields of spin chemistry and electron paramagnetic resonance.’

Prof Chris Timmel

On receiving the award, Professor Timmel said, “The list of previous prize winners induced in me an overpowering feeling of humility which was swiftly joined by one of deep gratitude, of course to the Royal Society of Chemistry for awarding me this prize and my colleagues who nominated me for believing my work had justified this prestigious award. Most importantly though, I cannot express my gratitude enough to my group, present and past, on whose behalf I accept this award. My students and postdocs have worked with unparalleled dedication and scientific talent, but above all, have always stood by me, in good times and bad. Together with my wonderful collaborators both in Oxford and further afield, it has been a group effort that has made this work possible and extremely enjoyable."