Paradise Lost

'Paradise Lost' - a minidocumentary and film

William Poole, our John Galsworthy Fellow and Tutor in English, has written a minidocumentary and film entitled Paradise Lost, featuring performances from the viol consort Fretwork and readings by actor Simon Callow. 

The project centres on the seven Sinfonias of the Antwerp amateur musician and composer Leonora Duarte, the only female composer to have written viol consort music in the early modern period. 

The programme juxtaposes the lives, music, and philosophies of the Duarte family in Antwerp, the Miltons in London, and Spinoza in Amsterdam. With readings from Evelyn, Cavendish, Pepys, Milton, and Spinoza, and featuring the music of Leonora Duarte, John Milton Senior, Henri Dumont, and Matthew Locke. 


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