A 'New' Kind of Murder

New College Murder Mystery

MCR student Paula Larsson has created a New College murder mystery! 

Initially intended as something to keep teams of postgraduate students entertained over lockdown, Paula has kindly put together a version of her murder mystery for anyone to play. 

Walk the grounds looking for clues, interview suspicious characters, and submit your accusations! 

The Game

Banner reading 'A New Kind of Murder' by Paula Larsson (in blood-style writing)

"Last week the Warden held a special meeting for all students. He informed the college that all society meetings would be forbidden for the rest of the year. He was determined to put a stop to any secret society meetings, without exception.

Today he was found dead in the tower."

The game all runs through this 'A 'New' Kind of Murder' pdf. Click on the links throughout which will take you to investigate different parts of the College for clues. 

Good sleuthing! 

The storyline, characters, and clues are all fictional, created specifically for the purpose of this game. A special thanks to our Warden, who enthusiastically posed for the pictures!