New College Notes—issue 12 now published

Issue 12 of New College, Oxford’s scholarly open-access e-journal New College Notes (ISSN 25176935) is now published.

This latest issue contains articles on the remarkable provenance of manuscripts, early printings, and modern works in New College Library. These include: Erasmus’s dedication copy, for Archbishop of Canterbury William Warham, of Erasmus’s 1516 edition of the works of St Jerome; Stephen Standish’s ownership of perhaps the most technically ingenious book printed in the 16th century, Peter Apian’s Astronomicum Cæsareum (1540); fascinating marks of ownership, in Christopher Saxton’s magnificent 1579 Atlas of the Counties of England and Wales, from the family of Sir Henry Savile (who exactly 400 years ago founded Oxford University’s Savilian Professorships); and the Earl of Onslow’s copy of Bishop Gilbert Burnet’s History of My Own Time (172434) including marginal annotations by Jonathan Swift.

New College Notes is dedicated to learned notes (in the style of the Oxford journal Notes & Queries) and to scholarly articles on college history and the rich collections of New College Library and Archives, Oxford. Potential contributors are invited to contact the Librarian.

New College Library, Oxford, BT1.70.2, FIII verso [detail]
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