New College Media Network event with Hollywood VFX supervisors

The New College Society held a Media Network event last week, featuring a talk about virtual production and a panel session with some of Hollywood's top VFX supervisors over Zoom. 

Virtual tools are being used to enhance the pre-visualization process, especially in the world of complex visual effects (VFX) and, more recently, there has also been a significant rise in its use on-set in the form of interactive LED walls, changing the way in which VFX teams, but also directors and actors work. The panel provided fascinating insight into this exciting new direction for the film and television industry.  


Charlotte Windle Mikkelborg (1995) - Film Director and VR Creator - Winner of the 2020 Lumieres Award for Fly.

Ben Grossmann of Magnopus - Oscar and Emmy Award winning Virtual Production supervisor for films directed by Scorsese, JJ Abrams, Jon Favreau and others. Ben's team beat Harry Potter to the Oscar in 2012 with 'Hugo'.

Habib Zargarpour of Unity Technologies - has won two BAFTAS and nominated for two Oscars for his VFX work.

Thanks to all the panellists for their participation! 

Iron screen with New College logo in Garden Quad