The University of Oxford publishes a great deal of information about the interview process on their website. This includes a page of sample questions taken from across a range a subjects, as well as recommendations on how best to prepare.

Covid-19 Update: Please note that in the 2020/21 admissions round, all interviews will be virtual and the below information regarding accommodation in College will not apply. Further information can be found on the Oxford website.

If you have any queries about accommodation during the interview period please email

Getting to Oxford

If at all possible, please try to avoid coming to Oxford by car if you are attending an interview. If you do have to travel to Oxford by car, make sure you leave plenty of time for the journey, and refer to this up-to-date travel information. 

  • Parking - please be aware that parking in the city centre is hard to find and expensive. There is no parking available in college for those travelling by car. This includes short-stay or "drop off" parking.

  • If you are arriving in Oxford by car, please allow extra travel time as traffic can often be bad and we would not want you to be delayed. This is most important if you are arriving in the morning. 


Please note that friends, parents and/or guardians are not permitted to be in College during the interviews, unless they are there as a nominated carer for an applicant with a disability (this must be discussed with the College in advance). Our team of dedicated and friendly undergraduate helpers will be there to greet applicants and help those attending interview to settle in and find their way around the College and Oxford. 

Arrival and Registration

  • On arrival, please come to the entrance on Holywell Street, not the New College Lane entrance.

  • On your arrival at the College, you must register in the Interview Reception Room located in Lecture Room 6 (near the Porters’ Lodge) between 8am and 8pm. Our Student Helpers will give you all the necessary information regarding your interviews. 

  • Please note, rooms are not available to enter until at least 2pm on your day of arrival. If you need to arrive earlier than this, please inform the admissions office.

  • Please note that it is not possible to arrive at College later than 8pm. If you need to arrive in Oxford later than 8pm you will have to arrange your own accommodation for that night. 

  • Candidates also have to sign out with the Student Helpers in the Interview Reception Room before leaving the College.


You must stay in Oxford at least until the ‘Must stay until’ time specified in your interview letter or on the timetable on the University website.

IMPORTANT: You should not leave the College until you have received specific permission to do so. This will be published on the notice board in the Interview Reception Room.

Remember: candidates can be called for extra interviews or summoned by other colleges and you may miss opportunities if you leave College prematurely.

Once you are told you may leave, you must vacate your room and take all your personal belongings with you. Keys should be returned to the Interview Reception Room (NOT the Porters’ Lodge). If you live a long way away, and cannot travel on the same day, please let our helpers know, and you will be allowed to stay an extra night.

Please note that you cannot leave your luggage in the room after returning your keys, but you can leave it in the Interview Reception Room.


If you are asked to report for your interview by the morning, please note that if you require to travel a considerable distance to get to Oxford, we will provide accommodation for the night prior to your interview.  

Rooms will be available from 2pm, and must be vacated by 10am on the day of departure. Bedding will be provided but please bring your own towels and toiletries.

Accommodation is provided automatically up until your 'may be required until' date. Once your last interview has taken place we ask that you make your way home.

If you require to travel a considerable distance to get home, and your 'may be required until' time is 4 PM or later, please email to request to keep your room the night of your final interview.


Meals will be self-service in the College Dining Hall during the following times:

  • Breakfast: 8am – 9am

  • Lunch: 12pm – 1:30pm

  • Dinner: 5:45pm – 7pm 

Dinner will be available on Sunday 8th December between 5:45pm and 6:30pm.

Interview Arrangements

The College Interview Reception Room is manned by our Student Helpers from 8am until 8pm. All interview timetables and departure notices (which tell individual candidates when and where they should be) are also posted here.

You should check interview times as soon as you arrive, and at intervals thereafter, as you may be required at other colleges. You will be expected to be available for interview until the time and date shown against your subject in the interview timetable, when lists will be posted on the notice board in the Interview Reception Room informing you if you are required to stay on for further interviews. Please make sure that your mobile phone is on when you are not in interviews, and that you check any messages received, as we may be trying to find you for an additional interview. Before you leave, please make sure that you sign out by notifying the Student Helpers in College of your departure.

Please note that mobile phones must be SWITCHED OFF, not just turned to silent mode during interviews. The college will take proceedings against any candidates who are found to have used any recording equipment during their interview. 

Emergency Contact Numbers

If you are away from New College (for example attending an interview in a department or faculty) and need to contact the team here, please use the numbers below.

  • Luke Hatton (Head of the Student Helper team)    01865 289114  - 8am - 8pm.

  • Suzie Jackson (Admissions Administrator)   01865 279272 - 7am - 5pm.

  • Felicity Reeves (Admissions Assistant)   01865 279487 - 9am - 7pm.

  • The Porters' Lodge (Emergency Contact) 01865 279500 - 24 hours.


Enjoy your stay at New College, and good luck with your interviews!

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