The Timetable at a Glance

Tuesday 15th

10.30  Registration – The Marble Hall; Coffee – The Hall

I:          Keynote address: - Haldane Room

Chair: Michael Burden

11.00      Shearer West, Humanities Division, University of Oxford

‘Portraiture and the Birth of Celebrity on the Eighteenth-Century Stage’

II:        Audiences and Signifiers - Haldane Room
Chair: Michael Burden

12.00      Raf Geenens, University of Leuven

‘“Dance, like morality, is in the eye of the beholder”: Adam Smith on the role of the spectator’

12.30      Kristin Flieger Samuelian, George Mason University

‘Signification and the Dancing Body, 1760-1826’

1.00     Lunch – The Buttery

III:       Images, personalities - Haldane Room

Chair: Anne Daye

2.00        Keith Cavers, Independent scholar

‘New Finds: Old Friends - New Pictures; digging up Icons of the Dance’

2.30        Joanna Jarvis, Birmingham City University

‘Natural beauty or “Paint-painted”? Giovanna Baccelli by Thomas Gainsborough – 1782’

3.00        Helena Kazárová, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

‘Unknown portraits of Salvatore Vigano in Bohemian Collections’

The Timetable at a Glance

3.30        Iris Julia Bührle, Sorbonne-Nouvelle Paris / Stuttgart University

‘Capturing the hovering sylph: Marie Taglioni’

4.00     Tea – The Hall

IV:       Hester Santlow - Haldane Room

Chair: Bruce Alan Brown

4.30        Moira Goff, Independent scholar

‘“Lovely in her countenance, delicate in her form”: The portraits of Hester Santlow (c.1693-1773)’

5.00        Marisa Iglesias, University of South Florida [Cancelled]

‘“Beauteous Wonder of a Different Kind”: Hester Santlow’s Celebrity Status’

V:        Dukes and dance - Haldane Room

Chair: Bruce Alan Brown

5.30        Jennifer Thorp, New College, University of Oxford

‘Celebrity patrons: the Montagu family and dance throughout the eighteenth century’

6.00        Anne Daye, TrinityLaban, London, and Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society

‘Some are born great: the Dukes of York as dance celebrities’

6.30     Reception – The Private Dining Room

7.00     Dinner – The Buttery

Wednesday 16th

8.30-9.00 Coffee and pastries for all delegates – The Hall

VI:       Dancing in European cities - Haldane Room

Chair: Jennifer Thorp

9.00        Uta Dorothea Sauer, Technische Universität Dresden

'The role of Dance in the Political Ballets at the Court of Dresden’

9.30        Petra Dotlačilová, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

‘Jean-Georges Noverre and his luxurious “job application” to Warsaw’

10.00      Hanna Walsdorf, University of Leipzig

‘“Formeront le Bosquet”: Teenage Future Dance Icons on the Jesuit Stage in Paris’

10.30      Mary Collins, Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Music

‘“My agreeable acquaintance…Mrs Egerton …will laugh very heartily on recollecting the many happy days, and whimsical adventures which occurred that winter in dear Dublin”’

11.00  Coffee – The Hall

VII:     Sultanas and Hornpipes - Haldane Room

Chair: Iris Julia Bührle

11.30      Adeline Mueller, New College, University of Oxford

‘A Peep into Mozart and Le Picq’s Serraglio (Milan, 1772): Noverre’s Tragic Reworking of a Comic Ballet’

12.00      Olive Baldwin, Thelma Wilson, Essex

‘The celebrated Miss Nancy Dawson and her hornpipe’

12.30  Lunch – The Buttery

VIII:    Circuses, Tumblers, and Hot Air - Haldane Room

Chair: Adeline Mueller

1.30        Monica Mattfeld, University of Kent, Canterbury

‘John Astley, the Equestrian Hero: Masculinity, Celebrity and the Equestrian Dancer’

2.00        Michael Burden, New College, University of Oxford

‘Tumbling images: Carlo Antonio Delpini at work’

2.30        Caitlyn Lehmann, Independent Scholar

‘Airy Delights: Ballet, Balloonmania and Celebrity in Late Eighteenth-Century London’