Updated 1 March 2021

Easter vacation information

Government guidance currently states that you should not leave your term-time accommodation, unless you can demonstrate that you have an exemption from the national restrictions on leaving home. As the guidance currently stands, this means that if you are already in Oxford, you will need to remain here for Easter Vacation unless you have an exemption.  It is possible that the guidance may change around 29 March, as part of the next stage of the Government's easing of restrictions. If this is the case, we will inform you as soon as we can.  College and University hardship support continues to be available should you need it.  Please refer to the student pages of the University coronavirus website for more information.

As you attempt to support your family member from a distance, the following information might be useful.

There are underlying principles on which we at New College base our support to students (by which we mean undergraduate and graduate students), even at this difficult time.

  • College encourages all its members to adopt a good neighbour approach to supporting each other.

  • Students are over 18 (other than a few exceptions) and thus are treated as adults and able to make decisions for themselves.

In practice, this is our process when students are self-isolating or have received a positive diagnosis:

  • As soon as college is notified, the senior welfare team emails affected students and invites them to remain in contact, if they wish, and to identify specific needs.

  • Students who are resident in college are able to order food to be delivered to their door. There is an additional cost if breakfast and lunch deliveries are requested since the normal termly payment includes dinner only. If this cost creates serious financial concern then students should contact the Bursar via sheena.hinton@new.ox.ac.uk 

  • Students are encouraged to use their networks of peers to have other essential items delivered to their doors but if this is impossible then they should contact welfare@new.ox.ac.uk

  • Any room deliveries will be carried out within the current government rules and guidelines.  This means specifically that staff and students will not enter the rooms of those who are self isolating or who have received a diagnosis. College is therefore dependent on students informing them of their needs so that appropriate good neighbourly support can be offered.

  • The senior welfare team offers on-line support meetings should students request it. The policy within which they operate can be found at www.new.ox.ac.uk/health-welfare. The team is available for consultation by all students via welfare@new.ox.ac.uk.  They are experienced and committed to supporting students but they are not medical or professional mental health practitioners and will refer students on accordingly.


  • The college nurse is available for on-line consultation and can be contacted on new.nurse@nhs.net.  It is particularly important that those who have underlying or longstanding health conditions should contact her.

  • The  NHS general practice that covers New College is www.28beaumontstreet.co.uk . The doctors there are able to offer on-line consultations and, when essential, make visits to rooms. In addition they can access the NHS paramedic service to make a face to face assessment of need.

  • If students call an ambulance because their symptoms have become very serious they should inform the Lodge on 01865 279500. This ensures that the ambulance service is directed to the correct room and that appropriate college staff are informed.