April 2020

In view of the government’s strict 'stay at home' policy, PHE has provided further advice for students

This information provides students reasonable and practical support to minimise risks if you remain in residence over the vacation. For those of you who remain in College accommodation the following guidance may help in keeping safe and well. The College has had a difficult balance to strike in following the government guidance to ensure the wellbeing of staff, including scouts, porters, and kitchen staff alongside the wellbeing of students.

Provided you are asymptomatic, not a household contact of a case, and are not in a vulnerable group, then you should follow the general current advice from PHE on staying at home (as above).

    Leaving College

    In line with the Governments travel restrictions policy, you must not leave your accommodation until further notice. 

    This page will provide further information when the policy changes.


    Living and social arrangements


    In line with current guidelines, you should only leave your accommodation once per day for exercise (e.g. run, walk, cycle ride), to get food, or to access medical care. Within buildings, you must remain two metres apart in communal areas. 


    If you develop symptoms then you must immediately self-isolate for a minimum of seven days as per PHE guidance. This may sometimes require a change of room.

    *Household equivalent contacts are those students who share a house or flat with the case whilst symptomatic. For students on staircases / corridors who share a kitchen, bathroom, or social space, some local discretion may be taken to establish if they had significant contact in this setting while symptomatic. PHE says other students who share a kitchen / bathroom / social space with a student who develops symptoms do NOT need to go into 14 days of self-isolation as a household contact, providing that the symptomatic student isolated themselves immediately. 

    • You must tell the Lodge and the Home Bursary by email if you become symptomatic and are in self-isolation so we can monitor your wellbeing and consider if you need equipment or to be moved to ensure your safety and the safety of others

    • Students who are considered to be household equivalent contacts* of a possible case after symptoms started should self-isolate for 14 days from the onset of the case’s symptoms. If the household equivalent contact/s develop symptoms they need to self-isolate for a minimum of seven days from onset of their symptoms:

    • Where there are concerns about your health NHS 111 should be contacted (online or by telephone) or you can telephone your GP in Oxford.
    • You are advised to significantly limit face-to-face interaction in line with the guidance above
    • You can go outdoors with caution but should avoid being closer than two metres to others

    Vulnerable groups


    • You must be responsible for and take care in cleaning your room, kitchen, and shared areas. Regular household cleaning products are suitable
    • Rubbish must be removed to bins outside your building, into the usual containers for the usual collections. Do not let rubbish build up in the kitchens or rooms (unless ill – in which case you should keep the rubbish in your room)
    • If you are symptomatic, do not leave your room, and it should only be used by you – keep rubbish in your room, double-bag, and seek further guidance from the College

    Food and supplies

    Aside from making online orders or going to a local shop, here are a couple of helpful suggestions:

    • Honey’s Newsagents & Off-licence will deliver both food and other items: Hiten Patel | Mobile: 07891 77 80 81 / Kinnari Patel | Mobile: 07968 542 702  Tel: +44(0)1865 721767 

    • Compass (the University caterer) will deliver individual meals; please contact the following to place an order: |

    • The Farm Yard Range (This supplier has been recommended by the food consortium for the College. The consortium had already assessed this supplier on behalf of a welfare sector client looking for delivered ready meal options.)

    Student finances

    With applications for financial assistance, we are mindful that we have finite finances and we wish to target help to the most in need. As a result, annual income, savings, overdraft limits, and expected annual expenditure are assessed and grants are made to those students who do not have sufficient funds to cover their expected annual expenditure. Additionally, loans can be made to students whose annual funds are sufficient to cover expenditure but who are experiencing temporary lack of funds.

    Student Financial Aid and Hardship

    We recognise that the COVID19 crisis will have caused extra financial difficulty for some students. College will maintain its annual SFA Awards via the Development Office and will also continue to support students in applying to the University’s Access to Learning Funds (UK citizens only), its University Hardship Committee (any student), and the Vice-Chancellor’s Fund (for DPhil students beyond their fee-paying period and in the ‘writing-up’ stage). In addition, as ever, any student in an acute cash-flow crisis should immediately approach the Bursar for an emergency loan pending getting grant aid from the sources just listed -


    Library services

    New College Library is pleased to adapt and repurpose our service offering to best support the current and changing learning, teaching, and research needs of the College and its members during COVID-19 restrictions.

    You are welcome to contact the Librarian if you need any assistance or advice.  New College students can access unparalleled academic e-resources, and during COVID-19 restrictions, a growing range of e-books is being made available to all New College and University of Oxford students, mostly via your Single Sign-On (SSO).

    We are pleased to transform the College Library’s loans service into a postal loans service, so we can continue to connect current New College members with physical library resources (books, music scores, DVDs, CDs) held in the Library.  If your postal loan request is approved, the Library will post the item directly to you so that you may borrow it.  Books will normally be prepared for posting out to New College members twice per week, on Mondays and Thursdays.  Requests for a postal loan may be emailed at any time, but they must be received by 11 am on Mondays and Thursdays in order for books to be fetched in time that same day.  The speed of postal deliveries may be affected by current circumstances.

    Once the Library has reverted to more normal opening, you will be asked to return the book to the Library, where it will go back onto our shelves for other readers to consult or borrow it.  If you fail to return the book, or if it has been unduly damaged, the Library will charge you for the costs of replacing it via Battels.

    By placing a postal loans request, you are agreeing to these terms.

    Please follow the instructions about how to make postal loan requests at:

    How do I place a postal loans request?

    Please email both the Librarian ( and the Deputy Librarian ( with your postal loan request, and include the following information:

    • The permalink — it will look something like this: — to the catalogue record for the New College Library item from SOLO, and/or bibliographical details of this item (author, title, publisher, year of publication, ISBN) ensuring you include the New College Library shelfmark.
    • Your full name
    • Your full postal address

    The email must be sent from your email address.  You may only request a postal loan for an item that is currently in the Library and not already out on loan to someone else.

    We are operating new postal loans in conjunction with our “home-delivery” book purchase requests.

    How do I place a book purchase request?

    Please email the Librarian ( — with your book purchase request, and include the following information:

    • Bibliographical details of the item (author, title, publisher, year of publication, ISBN), using a link to a supplier (e.g. Blackwell’s or Amazon), where possible
    • Your full name
    • Your full postal address

    The email must be sent from your email address.

    Full details of the book purchase request service are at:

    We aim with these two new services to provide you with access to a large range of physical library resources, to meet current and changing academic resources needs.

    Quick summary of what to do:

    • Need a book (or other item) during COVID-19 restrictions?  First, check the catalogue — SOLO.
    • If the book you need is held in New College Library, with a copy available for loan, follow the instructions about how to request a postal loan to your address (email the Librarian and the Deputy Librarian).
    • If the book you need isn’t already held, or there is currently no copy that is available for loan, follow the instructions about how to make a book purchase request to your address (email the Librarian only).