Meals Charges

Meal Charges - Graduate and Undergraduate
Evening Meals £6.96        Non Oxford University Guest £8.35
Guest night £17.76           Non Oxford University Guest £21.31
Charity Formal – Generally, £3.00 addition food and donation charge
Undergraduate catered rebate (if signed off) £4.71

These are some of the Battels charges that may appear on your statement.  Please use this to clarify any items you are unsure of before asking for help. If your query is not covered below, please email your query to 
Payment of Fees and Battels are due immediately; the latest date for payment is mid-day Friday of 1st Week
Vacation Residence £21.31

You are charged per day if you occupy your room outside of the dates covered by your room rent. If you do not request vacation residence and returned to your room early or leave late, you will be charged at the Conference rate £72(excluding VAT).  If you ask for vacation residence and then leave early, you will be charged for the period requested unless you contact to inform her of the change of dates.
Guest Rooms  £21.31
Bookings and cancellations are made through,. If you wish to query these charges you should speak to her in the first instance
Sundry items taken (Till account) 
The outstanding balance on your till account (Bar/Cafe and Buttery charges) at the end of the previous term. If you have a credit balance, it will only be transferred back to your battels at the end of TT (unless requested). 
Till account Rebate 
Interest paid to you for a credit balance on your till account. 
Key Fines 
Any keys borrowed from the Porter's Lodge and returned late, or lost, generate a fine. Please contact the Head Porter if you have a query. 
Fine - not signed out -£50
This is an automatic fine if you do not return your key to the Porters Lodge when leaving or do not inform the Porters that you are leaving if your room is accessed via your University card.  Please contact the Head Porter if you have a query. 
Computer Charge 
This is a compulsory £1 charge each term to cover general computer costs. 
Printing Charge
Details of your printing charges can be found at
New College Society - £21
The fee is charged only in your first year and entitles you to lifelong membership of the New College. You will receive publications like the Record, New College News, E-News, and invitations to events like the Gaudes and provide a way of keeping in touch with other Old Members. 
Reach Oxford - £6
Termly donationto provide a scholarship for an overseas student to study at New College. Please talk to the Bursary if you do not wish to participate. 
JCR Levies (Women's Fund, Charities, Art, Hardship) 
Voluntary contributions organised by the JCR.  Please contact contact the JCR Treasurer with any queries.
Sports Levy 
This charge is optional but you are not expected to opt out if you use/intend to use any of the sports facilities/sports grounds provided by New College or the University. 
Punts – £6
This is a charge for the use of punts during Trinity. You are given the chance to sign off during Trinity if you do not wish to use them. This charge will appear on Battels produced the beginning of August. 
Staff gratuity fund
This is a donation towards the staff Christmas party and is charged during Trinity term only. This is an optional charge please let the Bursary know if you do not wish to donate. 
Special functions 
Student organised dinners and events are generally charged to all the names appearing on the list provided by the organiser. If you have a query, the Bursary will check that your name is on the list but cannot remove the charges without the authorisation of the event organiser. Any dinner prepared for you (even if you failed to attend the event) must be paid for. 
JCR Wine Cellar
Wine purchased from the JCR wine cellar please contact your JCR wine rep.