“French and English Pantomime 1682-1782”

New College, Oxford, 5th May 2007

The Timetable at a Glance

Saturday 5th

1.00 Registration

1.30 Moira Goff, London
‘French players, Italian comedies, English pantomimes’

2.10 Carol Marsh, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Pantomime and dance in the late eighteenth century: evidence from the Ferrère manuscript’

2.50 Michael Burden, New College, University of Oxford
‘The English pantomime masque’

3.30 Tea

4.15 Jennifer Thorp, New College, University of Oxford
Early eighteenth-century dance notators as recorders of pantomimic gesture’

5.00 Edith Lalonger, Paris
‘The Chaconnes for Harlequin recorded in Feuillet notation’

5.45 Barbara Segal and members of Chalémie
Reworking eighteenth-century pantomime’