All New College students are registered with the College doctors, who hold a New College surgery at 28 Beaumont Street twice a week. 

All consultations are strictly confidential.


The College is a small, close-knit community and the frequent contact between student and staff allows any concerns, academic or personal, to be raised at an early stage. There is a large network of support available to any student who is experiencing problems whilst at University.

The College employs two young academics - known as the Cox and Salvesen Fellows - who have extensive student welfare experience and are on-hand to talk to students going through difficulties. They hold no-appointment office hours during term, but are available to talk to students outside of those times as well. The College Chaplain is a further a point of contact for students who wish to discuss pastoral issues.

Both the JCR and MCR appoint Welfare Officers, who work alongside Peer Supporters (specially trained undergraduates) to offer support and guidance to students.

More information is available on the JCR and MCR websites.