Undergraduate Freshers' Dinner

Wednesday 4 October 2017

You are warmly invited to the Freshers' Dinner to be held on the Wednesday of 0th Week at 7.30pm.

There will be a tableplan, and you will be seated with other freshers in your subject and your tutors, so the dinner is a great opportunity to meet those you'll be working with over the next three or four years.

Dress code: Smart, gowns are not required.

Dinner will be charged at the normal rate.

Please complete the webform below, giving any genuine dietary or allergen information. (These requests will be 'locked' against your name every time you book in for a dinner and future changes can only be made through the Catering Manger (brian.cole@new.ox.ac.uk) or his Secretary (sheena.hinton@new.ox.ac.uk) 

Please submit this form by Thursday 8 September 2017.

(e.g. vegetarian, any allergies etc)