Staff ICT facilities and Services

Email and Single Sign on (SSO) Accounts

Your University card is usually setup before you arrive at New College either through the Tuition Office or the HR Office.  This card creates your SSO and email account.  You should recieve an activation code from University IT Services which you can use to enable your account.  If you do not receive this please drop into the IT Office in 12OB2 or email

Meals Bookings

SCR Meals can be booked through  If you require further details relating to SCR dining please contact the SCR Butler Hassan Hamed.

Support staff can book through the SharePoint site - further detals can be obtained from Anita Rowlands.

Intranet - SharePoint

All academic information relating to students and Academic Staff is held on the New College SharePoint site.  You will need your SSO credentials to login.  If you do not have permissions to certain sub sites or pages please request it via the SharePoint site.  The recommended browser for SharePoint is Internet Explorer but Google Chrome is also functional unless you require integration with Microsoft Office products.


Wireless network access is available throughout the college campus.  You can connect to Eduroam using your Remote Access Account credentials.  On the University IT Services pages you can find an Eduroam configuration guide and a helpful configuration tool which you can download. Eduroam is available throughout the University and Colleges so it can be a useful tool if you are moving around.

Ethernet or wired is also available throughout College in all common rooms, teaching rooms and accommodation.  It is the recommended network, it's faster and more reliable than wifi especially when downloading or using Skype   Ethernet leads can be bought from the IT Office in 12OB2.  Please follow the instructions on how to connect via Ethernet on our Networking page.

Personal and research computers - Academic Staff

Depending on your academic status, College will either provide you with a computer from a pool of resources or buy you one from your resaerch allowance.  We are happy to advise you on the purchase of computers and other devices and have acces to Apple Educational discounts.  The University have an extensive range of software available through their shop  - please note some software is only available for University Owned machines.