Patrick Salter

Spooner Junior Research Fellow (Engineering Science)
MPhys DPhil Oxf

I am the W.W. Spooner Junior Research Fellow in Engineering Science and a member of the Dynamic Optics group lead by Professor Martin Booth. I graduated with a Masters degree in physics in 2006 and a DPhil in Electrical Engineering in 2010 from the University of Oxford.


In college, I teach aspects of the Engineering undergraduate course related to electrical machines. In the Department of Engineering Science, I run the 3rd year design project on Optical Nanofabrication with Professor Steve Morris. I also supervise a number of graduate and undergraduate students on their research projects.

Research Interests

My research is based around the control and manipulation of light. Through the use of reconfigurable optical elements, such as liquid crystal spatial light modulators, it is possible to shape light fields in space and time. An important current application is in high precision laser fabrication. Using a laser with pulses of high energy and duration less than a picosecond, I machine features inside transparent materials to make functional devices. Features, typically less than a micrometre across, can be generated with a high degree of three dimensional accuracy.

A material of particular interest is diamond, where laser fabrication offers several potential advantages over established processing techniques. Applications range from electrical micro-circuits embedded within the diamond to tools for industrial cutting.

Selected publications

  • YC Chen, PS Salter et al., "Laser writing of coherent colour centres in diamond" Nature Photonics 11, p77 (2017)
  • A Courvoisier, MJ Booth, PS Salter: "Inscription of 3D waveguides in diamond using an ultrafast laser" Applied Physics Letters 109, 031109 (2016)
  • B. Sun, P.S. Salter and M.J. Booth: “High conductivity micro-wires in diamond following arbitrary paths” Applied Physics Letters 105, 231105 (2014)
  • J. B. Spring, P. S. Salter, et al.: “On-chip low loss heralded source of pure single photons,” Opt. Express 21, p. 13522 – 13532 (2013)
  • P.S. Salter, et al.: “Liquid crystal director dynamics imaged using two-photon fluorescence microscopy with remote focusing” Physical Review Letters, 103, 257803 (2009).