New Finds: Old Friends - New Pictures; digging up Icons of the Dance

A dance archaeologist reviews some of the new pictorial material which has now become available, both the very famous and the very obscure, what is it? Where on earth does it come from? And why have we not seen it until now? As a particular example I will revue, and add to, the iconography of that universal image of the eighteenth century ballet Noverre’s London ‘Jason et Medee’.

Keith Cavers is a Consulting Iconographer. He studied Stage Management at RADA and the History of Drawing and Printmaking at Camberwell College of Arts. Subsequently Slide Librarian and visiting lecturer for twenty years at Camberwell. For twelve years Information Officer at the National Gallery, London. He gained an M.Phil at the University of Surrey with “James Harvey D’Egville and the London Ballet 1770-1836.” and a John M Ward visiting research fellowship in music and dance for the theatre to research dance prints at Harvard. He runs Pimpernel Prints (, antiquarian print dealers specialising in the iconography and ephemera of the performing arts, and provides lectures and seminars on the examination of prints and drawings.

He hopes to produce his catalogue of English dance prints 1667-1836 this year.

Keith Cavers
Symposium Title: 
The dancer in celebrity in the long 18th-century 2014
Author affiliation: 
Independent Scholar