Dieter Helm, CBE

Tutor in Economics; Professor of Economic Policy
MA DPhil Oxf

  • DPhil (Economics) Oxford, Fellow in Economics, New College and Professor of Economic Policy, University of Oxford
  • Chairman of the Natural Capital Committee, Defra
  • Member of the Economics Advisory Group to the UK Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change


  • Microeconomics, Public Economics, Energy and the Environment

Research Interests

Political economy of the state, infrastructure, energy, utilities and environmental subjects, notably biodiversity and climate change.

Selected Publications

  • Helm, D. R. (2013), "Trade, climate change and the political game thoery of border carbon adjustments", with Cameron Hepburn and Giovanni Ruta, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Volume 28(2)
  • Helm, D. R. (2013), "The Carbon crunch - how we are getting climate change wrong and how to fix it", revised paperback, London, Yale University Press.
  • Helm, D. R. (2012), "The sustainable borders of the state", Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Volume 27(4)
  • Helm, D. R. and Hepburn, C. (eds), (2009), “The Economics and Politics of Climate Change”, Oxford, Oxford University Press.
  • Helm, D. R. (ed) (2007), 'The New Energy Paradigm', Oxford, Oxford University Press.
  • Helm, D. R. (2004), "Energy, the State, and the Market: British Energy Policy since 1979", revised edition, Oxford, Oxford University Press.