Cameron Hepburn

Senior Research Fellow (Economics); Professor of Environmental Economics
LLB BEng Melbourne, MPhil DPhil Oxf

Professor Hepburn's research is primarily on the economics of environmental, resource, energy, and climate change problems. He is Professor of Environmental Economics at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment and Director of the Economics of Sustainability at the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School. He is also Professorial Research Fellow at the Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics. He has degrees in law and engineering, a doctorate in economics, and peer-reviewed publications in economics, public policy, law, engineering, philosophy, and biology.  

He currently serves as a member of the DECC Secretary of State's Economics Advisory Group, and previously served for a decade on the DEFRA Academic Panel. He has advised the OECD, various United Nations bodies, and other national governments (e.g. UK, Australia, China, South Africa) on environmental policy.  

Cameron's research has been highlighted in UK broadsheets such as the Financial Times and The Economist, and he has been interviewed on the Today Programme, Analysis and More or Less on BBC Radio 4, and the World Business Review on the BBC World Service, among others.