Antony Galione

Extraordinary Lecturer in Biochemical Pharmacology; Professor of Pharmacology
MA PhD Camb, MA Oxf


Antony Galione holds the Professorship of Pharmacology in the University and is also Head of the Department of Pharmacology.  He was Tutorial Fellow in Biochemical Pharmacology from 1998‑2006, and is now an extraordinary lecturer in the subject.


  • Medical Biochemistry for 1st year preclinal students
  • Neuropharmacology for 2nd year preclinical students
  • Cell signalling for 2nd year Biochemistry Students
  • Cell (especially Calcium) signalling at the Final Honous school level

Research Interests  

Professor Antony Galione's work has been instrumental in elucidating new calcium signalling pathways in the cell. Calcium signalling plays a vital role in the body, coordinating and controlling processes as diverse as heart contraction, nerve growth, control of appetite, regulation of the immune system and insulin secretion by the pancreas. Professor Galione’s discoveries have implications for our understanding of cell regulation in health and disease.

Selected Publications

  • Pitt, S.J., Funnell, T., Sitsapesan, M., Venturi, E., Rietdorf, K., Ruas,  M., Ganesan, A., Gosain, R., Churchill, G.C., Zhu, M.X., Parrington, J., Galione, A., & Sitsapesan, R., TPC2 is a novel NAADP‑sensitive Ca2+‑release channel, operating as a dual sensor of luminal pH and Ca2+. J. Biol. Chem. M110.156927[pii]10.1074/jbc.M110.156927 in press (2010).
  • Ruas, M., Rietdorf, K., Arredouani, A., Davis, L.C., Lloyd‑Evans, E., Koegel, H.,Funnell, T.M., Morgan, A.J., Ward, J.A., Watanabe, K., Cheng, X., Churchill, G.C., Zhu, M.X., Platt, F.M., Wessel, G.M., Parrington, J., & Galione, A., Purified TPC isoforms form NAADP receptors with distinct roles for Ca2+  signaling and endolysosomal Trafficking. Curr. Biol., 20, 403‑409 (2010).
  • Calcraft, P.J., Ruas, M., Pan, Z., Cheng, X., Arredouani, A., Hao, X., Tang, J., Rietdorf, K., Teboul, L., Chuang, K.T., Lin, P., Xiao, R., Wang, C., Zhu, Y., Lin, Y., Wyatt, C.N., Parrington, J., Ma, J., Evans, A.M., Galione, A., and Zhu, M.X. (2009). NAADP mobilizes calcium from acidic organelles through two‑pore channels. Nature 459, 596‑600.
  • Davis, L.C., Morgan, A.J., Ruas, M., Wong, J.L., Graeff, R.M., Poustka, A.J., Lee, H.C., Wessel, G.M., Parrington, J., and Galione, A. (2008). Ca2+ signaling occurs via second messenger release from intraorganelle synthesis sites. Curr Biol 18, 1612‑1618.
  • Churchill, G.C., Okada, Y., Thomas, J.M., Genazzani, A.A., Patel, S., and Galione, A. (2002). NAADP mobilizes Ca2+ from reserve granules, lysosome‑related organelles, in sea urchin eggs. Cell 111, 703‑708.