Reworking eighteenth-century pantomime

Barbara Segaland members of Chalémie

Barbara Segal and Frank Perenboom (dance and mime) together with Sara Stowe (harpsichord) and Sharon Lindo (baroque violin), all from the performing group Chalémie, present two short extracts from their re-working of early 18th century pantomime. Commedia dell’Arte characters were an important ingredient in this art form, which generally combined both serious and comic interludes. In these extracts source material has been taken from notated dances of the period, together with original music from 18th century pantomimes. The fantastic stage machinery and special effects of the original pantomimes cannot be reproduced in this session, but the intention is to convey some of the flavour of 18th century dance and mime as it may have appeared in the pantomimes of the period.

Barbara Segal
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French and English Pantomime -2007
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