Library re-roofing

It was decided at the beginning of the year that intermittent repairs to the library roof were no longer sufficient and that it needed to be totally replaced to prevent any further leaks. This was to be done in copper as before and the opportunity would be taken to carry out some masonry repairs at the same time.  Work started in July with a complicated scaffolding structure as it also had to supply a temporary roof for the duration and this took some three weeks to construct. The cooperation of all the firms involved and not least our own Maintenance Department has ensured that the library has remained open throughout; the students have tolerated the noise levels well, which have been exceptionally high at times, though it’s fair to say their wearing of headphones has helped – a dropped scaffolding pole just above our office will stay in memory for a long time.  All the library staff were promised the opportunity to go up on the roof to see the finished result and I think we all felt safer on the roof than climbing up or down. It was good to see and understand what had been going on above us and also provided interesting views of Holywell Quad, over Holywell Street to Harris Manchester as well as the Turf Tavern. The actual work was completed last Friday (13.11.15) and the removal of the scaffolding is underway, leaving just the tidying up, so all should be completed before Christmas as promised.

Naomi van Loo, Librarian

(Photography by Rebecca Hutchins, Deputy Librarian; Chris Conway, Deputy Clerk of Works)