Engineering Science

New College is one of the largest engineering colleges, with three tutorial fellows who between them cover most of the core topics: Rene Banares-Alcantara teaches thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, Andrea Vedaldi electrical and information engineering, and Martin Williams structural engineering and solid mechanics. As well as guiding you through the undergraduate course, we hope to share our enthusiasm for our own specialist research interests, which range across areas such as environmental policy, mobile robotics and earthquake protection.

Our students come from all sorts of backgrounds: from both state and independent school sectors in the UK, from Europe, and beyond. Many have followed the British A-level system but about a third have other qualifications. The things they have in common are excellent mathematical ability, and genuine enthusiasm for engineering and the contribution it can make to our world. Their Finals results are consistently among the best in the University – a performance level that is achieved in an environment of friendly cooperation rather than fierce competition.

For those taking A-levels, Oxford’s standard conditional offer in Engineering is now A*A*A, with the A*s in Mathematics and Physics or Further Mathematics (if taken). Most of our applicants will be expecting to achieve these grades or better. We are relaxed about what other subjects you take; while many will also be studying further maths, this is not essential, and applicants taking single maths will not be at a disadvantage in the selection process. Besides an excellent school record, we look for evidence of commitment to engineering, and for the ability to think clearly and logically when faced with unfamilar problems. 

For further information on how to apply, entrance requirements and selection criteria, please see the University website and the Department of Engineering Science’s website.

Places Available: