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William Smith's biblical notebook (1729): a manuscript recovered Poole William PDF icon 5NCN13 (2014) Poole on Smith's Biblical Notebook.pdf New College history, 18th century, William Smith, Fellow; Library MS394
William Archibald Spooner and his Spoonerisms Anderson-Talbi Sami PDF icon 8NCN8 (2017) Anderson-Talbi on Spooner.pdf New College, 19th/20thC history, William Spooner
What is the Mound for? Lane Fox Robin PDF icon 3NCN8 (2013) Lane Fox - The Mound.pdf College history, Garden
Warden Robert Pink and the Disputed Election of 1620 Smith Robert F.W. PDF icon 6NCN9 (2015) Smith on election.pdf New College, 17thC history, Winchester College, 17thC history
Warden Harmar and the Ralegh Trial Day Geoffrey PDF icon 6NCN1 (2015) Day on Warden Harmar and the Ralegh trial (1).pdf Winchester College, 17thC history
Warden Fisher and the General Strike in 1926 Thorp Jennifer PDF icon 1NCN3 (2012) Thorp-Fisher.pdf Archives, NCA2802
Upon the Unveiling of "A dance to the Music of Time" Burden Michael PDF icon 2NCN3 (2012) Burden - Tapestries.pdf Chattels, NCI3233
Two copies of Clandestine Manuscript in Late Seventeenth-Century New College Poole William PDF icon 1NCN11 (2012) Poole-Clandestine.pdf Library Manuscripts, Ms311a and Ms311b
Three letters from Stanley Casson to Frances Henry Taylor, 1932 Poole William PDF icon 5NCN9 (2014) Poole on Casson.pdf New College history, 20th century, Stanley Casson, Archives SCR/B/Casson
Thomas Tanner (1630-1682) Poole William PDF icon 6NCN7 (2015) Poole on Tanner.pdf Library Benefaction Book; BT3.155.7
Thomas Stapleton's first polemic: an impact case study Machielsen Jan PDF icon 5NCN10 (2014) Machielsen on Stapleton.pdf New College history, 16th Century, Thomas Stapleton, Fellow
Thomas Milles’ Modified Books Smyth Adam PDF icon 7NCN10 (2016) Smyth on Milles.pdf Library, BT3.83.13(1)
Thomas Master and the "Mensa Lubrica" Poole William PDF icon 3NCN6 (2013) Poole - Master and the Mensa Lubrica.pdf New College history, Thomas Master
The Torture and Mock Hanging of a Butler, and Latin Macaronics in Civil War New College Poole William PDF icon 7NCN1 (2016) Poole on Torture in Civil War New College.pdf New College, 17thC history
The Receipt of Manuscripts in New College Library 1624-1852 Poole William PDF icon 8NCN11 (2017) Poole on Receipt of Manuscripts.pdf Library, Manuscript acquisitions, 1624-1852
The origins and life of William of Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester Johnson Christopher PDF icon 5NCN1 (2014) Johnson on Wykeham.pdf New College history, 15th century, Founder
The Language and Meaning of the College Motto Griffith Mark PDF icon 1NCN1 (2012) Griffith-Manners.pdf New College history, motto
The King's Eye Willoughby James PDF icon 6NCN11 (2015) Willoughby on MS 136.pdf Wouter Deleen, 16thC; King's Biblioscopus, 16thC; Henry VIII
The John Lane Albums Thorp Jennifer PDF icon 5NCN11 (2014) Thorp on John Lane albums.pdf New College, Archives PA/LAN 1-4
The Female Pope, A Mutilated Manuscript, and Some Bibliographical Puzzles Poole William PDF icon 6NCN6 (2015) Poole on Female Pope.pdf Library, MS152, BT1.47.1, BT1.59.12, BT3.3.6
The Chapel Reredos Thorp Jennifer PDF icon 4NCN8 (2013) Chapel reredos.pdf Archives, NCA3140/1-2
The Bells of New College, from Five to Eight to Ten Poole William PDF icon 1NCN7 (2012) Poole-Bells.pdf New College history, 14th-18th century, Bells
The Alfred Lord Milner South African Addresses Morgan Jason PDF icon 2NCN2 (2012) Morgan - Alfred Lord Milner.pdf Archives, NCA11679-11682
The 1588 donations of Thomas Martin, lawyer and recusant Poole William PDF icon 4NCN3 (2013) Donations of Thomas Martin.pdf Library Antiquarian, Benefaction Book, BT1.88.8, pp.39-40
Thame School and New College Thorp Jennifer PDF icon 1NCN10 (2012) Thorp-Thame.pdf New College history, 16th-19th century, Thame School
Some Early-Modern New College Poetical Miscellanies with Thomas Master's Poem on his Cat Poole William PDF icon 1NCN4 (2012) Poole-Master cat.pdf New College history, Fellows, poetry
Shepilinda on New College in 1738 Neate/Poole Geoff/William PDF icon 1NCN6 (2012) Neate Poole-Shepilinda.pdf New College history, 18th century, Shepilinda
Robert Sharrock and the "History of the Propagation & Improvement of Vegetables" Svensson Anna PDF icon 8NCN9 (2017) Svensson on Sharrock.pdf Library Antiquarian, BT3.264.25(1), BT3.177.28
Robert Hedrington and Wynkyn de Worde at Winchester College Foster Richard PDF icon 7NCN4 (2016) Foster on Hedrington.pdf Winchester College, 16th century, Hedrington
Robert Burton and his "Anatomy of Melancholy" Poole William PDF icon 6NCN4 (2015) Robert Burton and his Anatomy of melancholy.pdf Oxford libraries, 17th C; Oxford library donors, 17thC
Richard Willes: Sixteenth-century religious renegade and concrete poet Poole William PDF icon 5NCN2 (2014) Poole on Richard Willes.pdf New College history, 16th century, Richard Willes, Fellow and poet
Prussia and the Poodle Bootle Emily PDF icon 3NCN2 (2013) Bootle - Prussia and the poodle.pdf Library Antiquarian, BT1.5.3, BT1.5.6, BT1.5.7, BT1.5.8; BT1.15.2
Property of a late warden, 1613, with more on the Ryves family Poole William PDF icon 5NCN7 (2014) Poole on Ryves addenda.pdf New College history, 17th century, Ryves family; Library BT1.133.21
Nicholas Stoughton (1592-1648) Larminie Vivienne PDF icon 6NCN2 (2015) Larminie on Stoughton (1).pdf New College, 17thC history, Samuel Hartlib
News from the Library c.1700 Willoughby James PDF icon 1NCN5 (2012) Willoughby-News.pdf Library Manuscript, Ms29
New College's Shakespeare Club Thorp Jennifer PDF icon 3NCN9 (2013) Thorp - Shakespeare Club.pdf New College history, NCA,JCR/Q6/1-2
New College servants in the 1914-18 war Thorp Jennifer PDF icon 5NCN8 (2014) Thorp on NC Servants.pdf New College history, 20th century, 1st world war
New College of Magic and Wizardry: A Second Note on the 1566/7 Visitation Machielsen Jan PDF icon 7NCN5 (2016) Machielson New College of Magic and Wizardry.pdf New College, 16thC history
New College MS328 and "Jane the Quene" Morgan Jason PDF icon 1NCN2 (2012) Morgan-Quene Jane.pdf Library Manuscript, Ms328
MS 86 of the Fellows' Library, Winchester Quinault Lucia PDF icon 6NCN8 (2015) Quinault on MS 86 of WCL.pdf Winchester College, 17thC history
More Stanley Casson Materials Poole William PDF icon 7NCN11 (2016) Poole on More Casson Materials.pdf Archives, PA/CAS
Memories of New College 1950-1954 Ledingham John PDF icon 6NCN3 (2015) Ledingham on New College in the 1950s.pdf New College, 20thC history
Mary Woodforde's Book Butler Sophie PDF icon 2NCN8 (2012) Butler - Mary Woodforde.pdf Archives, NCA853, NCA9494, NCA9502, NCA9507
Margaret Cavendish's books in New College, and around Oxford Poole William PDF icon 6NCN5 (2015) Margaret Cavendish's books in New College, and around Oxford.pdf Library Antiquarian, Women writers, Margaret Cavendish, 17thC history
Manuscript Waste Poole William PDF icon 2NCN11 (2012) Poole - Manuscript Waste.pdf Library Antiquarian, BT3.171.4
Lifting the veil of time: the servants of New College restored Morgan Jason PDF icon 8NCN10 (2017) Morgan on Lifting the veil.pdf Archives, NCA DB, NCA BCF
Law, Politics and Scholarship in the Seventeenth Century:The Reputation of Nathaniel Fiennes Larminie Vivienne PDF icon 7NCN9 (2016) Larminie on Law politics scholarship and Fiennes reputation.pdf New College, 17thC history
John Reinolds, dead poet (1614), or what did Fellows own when they died in College? Poole William PDF icon 5NCN5 (2014) Poole on Reinolds Dead Poet.pdf New College history, 17th century, John Reinolds, Fellow and poet
It's a girl! A Winchester poetic nmanuscript of c.1719 Quinault Lucia PDF icon 5NCN6 (2014) Quinault on Winchester MS.pdf Winchester College, Fellows' Library, Mrs. Frances Cross
Inheriting, Selling and Buying Books in New College Library, 1675-1849 Poole William PDF icon 3NCN4 (2013) Poole - Inheriting books.pdf Library history, NCA3968
Gerard's Herbal Hutchins Rebecca PDF icon 1NCN8 (2012) Hutchins-Herbals.pdf Library Antiquarian, BT3.201.1
George Washington and the Ammunition Crisis of 1777 Thorp Jennifer PDF icon 2NCN5 (2012) Thorp - George Washington.pdf Archives, NCA9483/60
Fun with Grammar: Richard Zouche's "Upon the Burning of a School" Poole William PDF icon 3NCN10 (2013) Poole - Zouche poem.pdf New College history, BT1.94.3-5; BT3.175.11
Fragments of Caxton's Janua Grammar Gwosdek Hedwig PDF icon 4NCN2 (2013) Caxton fragments.pdf Library Manuscript, Ms391, folder 4, f.13
Edmund Hakluyt: New College singing man, tutor and youngest brother of Richard Hakluyt Carey Daniel PDF icon 4NCN7 (2013) Edmund Hakluyt.pdf College history, Chapel music
Early Science in New College III Poole William PDF icon 7NCN8 (2016) Poole on Hortulanus.pdf New College, 17thC history
Early Science in New College II: The Oglander Collection (1730) Poole William PDF icon 2NCN7 (2012) Poole - Oglander.pdf New College history, 18th century science, John Oglander; Chattels NCI25401
Early Science in New College I: Robert Plot on New College (1677) Poole William PDF icon 2NCN6 (2012) Poole - Robert Plot.pdf New College history, 17th century science, Robert Plot
Dennis Potter: An Unconventional Dramatist Morgan Jason PDF icon 8NCN7 (2017) Morgan on Potter.pdf New College, 20th century, Dennis Potter
Deciphering the Title-Page of a Book of William Thorne of New College, Regius Professor of Hebrew, and King James Bible Translator Poole William PDF icon 1NCN9 (2012) Poole-Thorne.pdf New College history, William Thorne, 1568 or 9 - 1630
Daniel Vivian's Grand Tour, 1636-37 (New College, MS 348) Poole William PDF icon 8NCN1 (2017) Poole on Vivian.pdf Library Manuscript, MS348
Conservation of the College Archives Thorp Jennifer PDF icon 2NCN10 (2012) Thorp - Conservation.pdf Archives, NCA1134, NCA3758, NCA11985
Classifications in time: the rise of the shelfmark on the failure of provenance Morgan Jason PDF icon 8NCN2 (2017) Morgan on Classifications.pdf Library, Antiquarian cataloguing
Chasing provenance: Apuleius' 250 year journey Morgan Jason PDF icon 5NCN3 (2014) Morgan Chasing Provenance.pdf New College, 16th century, library, BT1.135.16
Benjamin Stone, dead poet (c.1612) Poole William PDF icon 4NCN4 (2013) Benjamin Stone.pdf Archives, Sewell: Registrum Custodum, Sociorum et Scholarium Collegii Novi, fol. 166.
Bells and books: not what you might expect in Oxford's dreaming spires Bond Helen PDF icon 8NCN4 (2017) Bond on Bells.pdf Oxford towers, bells and book storage
An Unrecorded Letter of Sir Francis Bacon, to New College, 12 April 1617 Poole William PDF icon 7NCN6 (2016) Poole on An Unrecorded Letter of Sir Francis Bacon.pdf Archives, NCA 9483, NCA 957
An inquest of 1566 Thorp Jennifer PDF icon 5NCN4 (2014) Thorp on Inquest of 1566.pdf New College, 16th century, archives, Registra dimissiones ad firmam, v.5
An Early Modern New College Dynasty: George, Thomas and Bruno Ryves Poole William PDF icon 4NCN1 (2013) Ryves' notes.pdf Library Antiquarian, George Ryves' benefaction, p.43
An Ascension Day ritual revived: New College Chapel and St. Bartholomew's Chapel Higginbottom Edward PDF icon 4NCN6 (2013) Bartlemas.pdf College history, Chapel
Alfred, Lord Milner in Russia, 1917 Morgan Jason PDF icon 3NCN7 (2013) Morgan - Milner.pdf New College history, Milner, NCA9127, 5593/8
Agincourt Sermon Tyerman Christopher PDF icon 8NCN3 (2017) Tyerman on Agincourt.pdf New College, 15thC history, Henry Chichele, Nicholas Upton, Richard Hankford
A visual 'note': New College from an unusual angle Young Miles PDF icon 8NCN5 (2017) Young on A visual note.pdf New College, 19thC painting, George Hollis
A Recent Purchase: Julian the Apostate, Orationes (La Flèche, 1614) Poole William PDF icon 7NCN3 (2016) Poole on A Recent Purchase- Julian.pdf Library, BT3.2.10
A Poetic Squabble about Bottle Banks and Skips (1988) Poole William PDF icon 2NCN1 (2012) Poole - Skip Poetry.pdf New College history, 20th century, poetry, noise nuisance
A New Setting: John Heath's translation of "The accomplishment of the Prophecies,", 1613... Byford Mark PDF icon 3NCN3 (2013) Byford - Heath.pdf New College history. John Heath
A New Manuscript for New College Poole William PDF icon 3NCN1 (2013) Poole - New manuscript.pdf Library Manuscript, MS393
A New Incunable for College: Wynkyn de Worde's Golden Legend, 1498 Willoughby James PDF icon 4NCN10 (2013) Wynkyn de Worde discovery.pdf Library Manuscript, MS320, (Ms plus incunable)
A New Acquisition: Christophorus Longolius's copy of the 1511 Parisian edition of the Corpus Juris Civilis Poole William PDF icon 4NCN9 (2013) Books from Longolius' library.pdf Library Antiquarian, Cardinal Pole, Longolius
A medieval travel warrant Thorp Jennifer PDF icon 7NCN7 (2016) Thorp on A medieval travel warrant.pdf Archives, NCA 9716
A Medieval Binding Willoughby James PDF icon 2NCN4 (2012) Willoughby - Medieval binding.pdf Library Manuscript, Ms49
A Marginal Follower of Fashion Willloughby James PDF icon 3NCN11 (2013) Willoughby - Follower of fashion.pdf Library Manuscript, MS242
A Fifteenth-Century Bookman Willoughby James PDF icon 2NCN9 (2012) Willoughby - 15th century bookman.pdf New College history, 15th century, Robert Heete; Library manuscripts, Ms105, Ms192
16th century ownership of the Bohun Apocalypse, Ms65 Milbank Arabella PDF icon 4NCN5 (2013) Bohun Apocalypse, Ms65.pdf Library Manuscript, Ms65
'Yours truly Jack the Ripper' - of New College, Oxford? Morgan Jason PDF icon 7NCN2 (2016) Morgan on Jack the Ripper.pdf New College, 19thC history
'His feet stunk out of cry': Ben Stone's satirical manuscript verses on Thomas Coryate Palmer Philip S. PDF icon 5NCN12 (2014) Palmer on Coriate.pdf New College history, 17th century, Benjamin Stone, Fellow
"This Dooth Erasmus Williams Represent", Richard Haydock, 1608 Poole William PDF icon 8NCN6 (2017) Poole on Erasmus Williams.pdf New College, 17thC history, Erasmus Williams, Richard Haydock
"Bowlin Greens" in Loggan's Oxonia Illustrata (1675) Hutchins Rebecca PDF icon 3NCN5 (2013) Hutchins - Loggan.pdf Library Antiquarian, BT1.5.3, BT1.5.6-8, BT1.15.2
West Gallery Woes: the Hornchurch Dispute of 1813 Thorp Jennifer PDF icon 6NCN10 (2015) Thorp on Hornchurch.pdf New College living, 19thC; Hornchurch, Essex, 19thC