New College Notes Articles

Article Title Author surnamesort ascending Author firstname Article Category
A New College Pun Revisited Young Miles PDF icon 9NCN4 (2018) Young on A New College Pun Revisited.pdf New College, 16thC history, New College Wardens, wardens, puns, John London, John Quinby
A Lamentable Book Willoughby James PDF icon 9NCN1 (2018) Willoughby on Bishops' Book.pdf Library Manuscript, MS90, Richard FitzRalph, Richard Scrope, William Ayscough
An Italian Visitor to the Library, c. 1525 Willoughby James PDF icon 9NCN2 (2018) Willoughby on Italian Visitor.pdf New College, 16thC history, Marcello Cervini, Girolamo Ghinucci
Women in New College—350 Years Ago? Thorp Jennifer PDF icon 9NCN7 (2018) Thorp on Women in New College.pdf Archives, NCA4204, NCA4205, New College history, 17thC history
Jane Austen First Editions: Aves and the Sparrow Skelton-Foord Christopher PDF icon 9NCN9 (2018) Skelton-Foord on Jane Austen.pdf Library Antiquarian, Jane Austen, John Hanbury Angus Sparrow, Nigel Aves Watson, Winchester College
Brotherly Love? Dr Young among the Thespians Quinault Lucia PDF icon 9NCN8 (2018) Quinault on Brotherly Love.pdf Winchester College, 18thC history, Edward Young
Teaching and Learning in Jacobean New College: The Foundation of the Lake Lectureships Poole William PDF icon 9NCN5 (2018) Poole on College Lectureships.pdf New College history, 16thC history, 17thC history, Arthur Lake, New College Wardens
New College Library Benefactors’ Book 1601-1610: An Edition Poole William PDF icon 9NCN6 (2018) Poole on New College Library Benefactors.pdf Library Antiquarian, Benefaction Book, Library Benefactors' Book, 17thC history, Library history, NCA3582
New College and the Reformation Parrott David PDF icon 9NCN3 (2018) Parrott on New College and the Reformation.pdf New College history, 16thC history, Reformation, Protestant Reformation, Catholic Church, Roman Catholic Church, Martin Luther
Seeing the Light: Being the story of Sir Isaac Newton’s prisms and papers and the means by which they came to New College Morgan Jason PDF icon 9NCN10 (2018) Morgan on Seeing the Light.pdf Library Manuscript, MS361/2, MS361/4, Archives, NCA2844, Isaac Newton, Jeffery Ekins, Newton bequest