New College Notes Articles

Article Title Author surname Author firstname Article Category
The Torture and Mock Hanging of a Butler, and Latin Macaronics in Civil War New College Poole William PDF icon 7NCN1 (2016) Poole on Torture in Civil War New College.pdf New College, 17thC history
'Yours truly Jack the Ripper' - of New College, Oxford? Morgan Jason PDF icon 7NCN2 (2016) Morgan on Jack the Ripper.pdf New College, 19thC history
A Recent Purchase: Julian the Apostate, Orationes (La Flèche, 1614) Poole William PDF icon 7NCN3 (2016) Poole on A Recent Purchase- Julian.pdf Library, BT3.2.10
Robert Hedrington and Wynkyn de Worde at Winchester College Foster Richard PDF icon 7NCN4 (2016) Foster on Hedrington.pdf Winchester College, 16th century, Hedrington
New College of Magic and Wizardry: A Second Note on the 1566/7 Visitation Machielsen Jan PDF icon 7NCN5 (2016) Machielson New College of Magic and Wizardry.pdf New College, 16thC history
An Unrecorded Letter of Sir Francis Bacon, to New College, 12 April 1617 Poole William PDF icon 7NCN6 (2016) Poole on An Unrecorded Letter of Sir Francis Bacon.pdf Archives, NCA 9483, NCA 957
A medieval travel warrant Thorp Jennifer PDF icon 7NCN7 (2016) Thorp on A medieval travel warrant.pdf Archives, NCA 9716
Early Science in New College III Poole William PDF icon 7NCN8 (2016) Poole on Hortulanus.pdf New College, 17thC history
Law, Politics and Scholarship in the Seventeenth Century:The Reputation of Nathaniel Fiennes Larminie Vivienne PDF icon 7NCN9 (2016) Larminie on Law politics scholarship and Fiennes reputation.pdf New College, 17thC history
Thomas Milles’ Modified Books Smyth Adam PDF icon 7NCN10 (2016) Smyth on Milles.pdf Library, BT3.83.13(1)
More Stanley Casson Materials Poole William PDF icon 7NCN11 (2016) Poole on More Casson Materials.pdf Archives, PA/CAS