Mr Paisible and others: Collaborations between French and English Musicians and dancers in London 1680-1714

The French oboist/recorder player Jacques (James) Paisible came to London in 1673. Apart from a brief spell as a court musician in the entourage of James II at St-Germain-en-lays from 1689-93, Paisible remained in England until his death in 1721. During that time he formed a variety of close and successful working relationships with prominent English musicians, dancers, and actors in diverse surroundings the court, public theatres and private music rooms. This paper will explore some of the important projects in which Pasisible became involved and reinforce his profile as some of the significant composers who bridged the gap between Purcell and Handel.

Peter Leech
Symposium Title: 
Dance on the English Stage – 1999
Author affiliation: 
University of Oxford