Martin Pickup

Salvesen Junior Fellow (Philosophy)
MA BPhil DPhil Oxf; MA Lond


Martin arrived at New College in 2011 and is the Salvesen Junior Fellow. He recently completed a DPhil in Philosophy at Worcester College, Oxford looking at how objects exist through time and what this means for the nature of reality. He grew up in London and did his undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Theology, also at Worcester College. He then went to King's College in London for an MA, before returning to Oxford for the BPhil and DPhil.

Martin's research is in Metaphysics, Early Modern Philosophy and the Philosophy of Religion. Examples of the sorts of questions he is interested in are: How is change possible? What is time? Is Leibniz able to distinguish between what is necessary and what is contingent? His dissertation proposed a view of the world whereby reality is more complicated than it first appears. In particular, the whole world is not simply the parts of the world added together, and these small parts of the world are more important than the world as a whole. A top-down view has to leave out some things that a bottom-up view can capture.

Martin very much enjoys teaching in these and many other areas. More information and some of his work can be found at the following site: