Graduate Awards

New College offers all of its graduates various types of financial assistance:

  • Travel grant/research fund: £375 p.a. (and can accrue), for graduate students on research masters and PRS/DPhil up to the end of maximum fee liability. This is primarily for necessary travel (e.g. conference attendance/archival visits), but some purchases (e.g. essential software) will be considered on their merits. £200 for students on a taught Masters. This is for necessary travel or research for a dissertation. Taught Masters comprise MSt, MSc by coursework, MBA, PGCE, LLM, BCL, MJur, MPhil. ; taught masters comprise MSt, MSc by coursework, MBA, PGCE, LLM, BCL, MJur, MPhil.

  • Medics on Electives can apply for special travel grants: £750 for placement outside the U.K. (NB only one award/elective per clinical medic over his/her course).

  • Tutor for Graduates' Discretionary Fund: pot of £2,500 p.a., with average awards of £100-£200.

  • The College Financial Aid Committee has graduate representation and awards grants to students on the basis of need.

  • OPAL language courses: graduates entitled to a research allowance may charge up to half their OPAL course fee to that allowance, on the understanding that the other half of the fee should be sought from their faculty. Graduates not entitled to a research allowance may apply to the college for half of the fee, but they must be able to make a good case for the language being directly relevant to their work.