Tuition fees

Home/EU students will pay £9,000 per year for their programme of study.

Overseas Students

University tuition fees for overseas (non-EU) students vary according to the programme of study and may depend on the year of entry. They will be between £15,755 and £35,805 per year. Clinical Medicine fees will be significantly higher for students from overseas and the Islands. 

A full list of all undergraduate and postgraduate fees by year of entry is available on the University website.

Please note that all tuition fees are payable in full at the beginning of the course year.

College fees

The college fee for undergraduate students from overseas is currently £7,135 per year.

Home/EU students who are eligible for public funding, and who have submitted the necessary paperwork to their relevant Local Education Authority, are not required to pay the College fee. Eligibility is not means-tested.